What do you think of Boychuk’s hit on Raymond?

Johnny Boychuk takes Mason Raymond awkwardly into the boards early in last nights game. Raymond didn’t return and was taken to hospital.

Jason Botchford via twitter: The refs told the Canucks that no penalty was called because Raymond lost an edge.

Nick Kypreos via twitter: Kypreos is told that the NHL will not further review the hit. Early speculation is that Raymond will be out 4-6 months with a back/hip injury.

Update: Dan Murphy via twitter: A source close to the Raymond family is saying that he suffered a fractured vertebrae.

What do you think of  the hit? Suspendable? (I think going forward, if you’re going to leave a comment for ‘suspendable’ questions, you should include if you are a fan of one of the teams involved, or if you are impartial. You obviously don’t have to if you don’t want to.)


  1. Jay Dell

    June 14, 2011 at 7:12 pm

    The two players were tangled and Boychuk was making sure Raymond didn’t get free and get his stick on the puck.. In hockey it’s called defense. Sorry there was no intent to injure on this play he was just finishing a defensive positional play.. It could have been a penalty but I’ve seen penalties called when a stick hits the side of a Canucks skate also. Fans clapped for him just behind the glass you can see that and I’ve been to countless games in Boston and I can tell you the fans are no more evil than your average hockey fan. Boston historically cheers in support of the injured. The problem is.. he skated off and the severity of injury was not clear.. It was early in a finals game and the crowd was pumped with excitement, if a player gets hurt on the other side are they suppose to take themselves out of a game out of respect? maybe if the guy is laid out like Horton…not the case here… This was timing, positioning, and just bad luck. Boston fans love Canada, we live close enough to 3 Canadian provinces to be considered Canadian ourselves. Cunucks fans spew hatred for not just the Bruins but Americans, America, You are smug and quick to judge. You assume you know more about hockey because you live in Canada. No respect for Boston the third team to jion the league. You ought to be more worried about the lack of class on your team, running their mouths, and lack of effort and execution when it counts. All Boston wanted was a series of hockey both physical and full of speed and skill but we have had to rely on all these from our team only. You should be ashamed of yourselves in this series and your ignorance. You have proven to the world that you are truely not a Canadian hockey town. you don’t posess enough sportsmanship to be recognized as such.

  2. Oiler

    June 14, 2011 at 7:41 pm

    There has been dirty play on both sides, poor sportsmanship from both Teams . The zebras have done a desservice to the Bruins ,by not calling evenly. The Bruins are a good team and don’t need the constant favours dished out to them.Its been a shameful final for Ice Hockey on and off the Ice.The people of Boston Should be proud Thomas and ashamed of their lack of hospitality and aggression to visiting fans.It was safer to be in Iraq than Boston if you were wearing an Canucks shirt.
    Shame on you Boston !

  3. Klaus

    June 14, 2011 at 7:55 pm

    Jay Dell, Vancouver was host to one of the finest Winter Olympics ever! Canada and the USA both had their best Olympics ever with Canada winning the most Gold medals ever by a country and the USA the most medals. Vancouver was a fantastic host city to the world of Winter sports. Vancouver Canucks had over 100 thousand fans on the streets of Vancouver supporting their team (win or loose) and almost 20 thousand people in Rogers Arena, paying $10 each to support Canuck Place Hospice for Children. The Sedin’s give 1.5 million dollars of their salary to support the Children’s Hospital. The team really gives back and it shows. Canucks have the best fans with sellouts for 12 straight years. Win or Loose this team will always be winner to the 2.5 million strong in the Greater Vancouver Area. Boston is also a great team with much history and they are peaking at a great time in the playoffs. This can happen, and has happened many times in the past. Boston finished 7th overall in the NHL, with not one player cracking the top 30 in scoring in the regular season. Vancouver had 3 in the top 15. Vancouver native, Lucic was the top Boston player with 60 points and I think your BC native Recchi was up there as well. Boston Bruins are more of a Canadian team than Vancouver’s. But the Sedin’s and Kesler have adopted Canada and Vancouver as their home. Win or Loose, Vancouver wins, because Lucic and Recchi, if Boston wins, will bring the cup to Vancouver. If Vancouver wins, maybe Boston Native Schneider will drop by with the puck. Vancouver will have nothing to be ashamed of as they had their best season ever winning the Presidents trophy and went to game 7, possibly the winner of the Stanley Cup. We’ll see tomorrow. Sounds like you need to learn a little more about Canada’s Emerald City in the west.

  4. Tea Party

    June 14, 2011 at 7:56 pm

    The Hit Has Good ! No intent,Just unfortunate.I love my team the Bruins but ,I will be surrendering my season tickets this season afterI had to help a young man from Vancouver out of the Garden the other night. He was kicked and punched repeatedly by my fellow supporters and told take that F****
    Jersey off.My Jersey was soaked in his Blood.I traveled to Vancouver for 2 Games and laughed and joked with the locals it was a great welcome and fantastic experience.

  5. Klaus

    June 14, 2011 at 8:19 pm

    Thank you Tea Party. Vancouver have a people from around the world living here, that are friendly & inviting. I have seen fans from NHL cities all over North America that can proudly wear their jerseys in Vancouver, without fear of being trashed or hurt. That is one of the reasons Vancouver was awarded the 2010 Winter Olympics.

  6. Jaycee

    June 14, 2011 at 9:47 pm

    Should the game be de-roughed; no. Should the roughness be allowed to extend away from the puck; no. When the roughness becomes the (or even a) central feature of the game then people will end up paralysed and good games will end up not being played. If I want to watch violence I can watch any number of fight and wrestling shows. What I want to watch is hockey, not gratuitous violence. Boychuck should be banned, for life, for the off puck check. The message has to be very, very clear: Check all you can to get the puck, but only to get the puck – not to intimidate.

  7. JayDell

    June 14, 2011 at 9:58 pm

    Thanks for your responses. #1: I’ve lived in Boston all my life. Let’s be fair here, Causeway Street and Haymarket Square ? It’s tame and totally fan friendly (unless you don’t look both ways before crossing the street)… I take my kids to countless games and we see different team colors all year long and during playoff runs. I took one of my sons to a Flyers-Bruins game this year my seven year old was in between Boston and Philly fans as they shouted at each other “Taste Great”…”Less Filling”… Even our rival fans running their mouths are generally safe unless they mention somebody’s “mother”… (like cunuck troll comments on our fan pages). If the accounts/experiences by Tea Party and Oiler are real it’s really unfortunate but it’s not typical and no different than any other town. This is ignorance and hatred towards Boston or maybe it’s the Anti-American thing again.. yawn. #2 There are aspects of hockey that are rough it’s part of the game and part of life unless you live in a bubble. Intent to Injure is unacceptable in sports but you cannot avoid injury because the players are pushed to their physical limit. Hockey players are especially susceptible to injury due to the pace and line shifts… Risk increases when a shift is delayed, or a team is under pressure as was the case in the Boychuk/Raymond scenario. In these situations, players often push themselves beyond physical capability and balance, accuracy, even decision making can be compromised in a second or two. These guys are trained to hit… So exhaustion and frustration results in injury more than pre-meditated intent. Intensity and roughness is part of the game.. Now all of a sudden, guys with skating skills or puck handling skills can decide that they are being treated unfairly because someone knocked their stick out of their hands, tapped the side of their skate. A team can’t redefine the way the game is played just because it suits their style of play. What we’re seeing here is the evolution of hockey into golf for the benefit of speed skaters. #3 2011 Boston Bruins are not a “good team”, they are a great team… very underrated by some. You disrespect every team the Bruins made it past with that type of assessment. The Flyers had a playoff let down this year but the Canadiens and Tampa pushed the Bruins to the brink… I’ve heard Vancouver dismissing Chicago and that attitude doesn’t belong in the game… #4 Klaus, “peaking” I don’t see it that way myself. I see a team getting better with experience and stat sheets don’t measure the effectiveness of a team. It’s teamwork, heart, and skills that combine to win championships. #5 Most of us knew Vancouver was a great team especially as far as skills. If you want to assign asterisks to this series and say words like “plagued” it sounds like you may be setting up excuses just in case. Here it is: Bruins are proud to represent their city in a Stanley Cup final. They do not represent Canada or USA any more than Vancouver. They both represent their town… It doesn’t happen nearly enough for us so you won;t taint a Bruins victory if it happens. The Bruins respect the game, they respect the history of the league and they respect their opponents and their fans and they play hard. Most of our fans are real fans just like you and we know the history and appreciate the game Canada has shared with us… But trust that we in Boston have definitely seen the ugly side of this series too and it cannot be written off as hockey passion. Vancouver hockey fans are beyond desperate for credibility. It’s not going to be o.k. to say anything you want and do anything you want to accomplish your hockey legitimacy… The stigma will follow you and will negate any autogrphs on a cup… Let’s face it some of Vancouver’s fans and key players have been pretty disgraceful in this series.. Bruins.. Nah.. not so much… I feel bad for the class guys on the squad and the good fans that are frustrated by the actions of the ignorant.

  8. Browny

    June 14, 2011 at 10:23 pm

    If anyone thinks that hit was good they need to look at themselves. I do admit that there have been dirty plays both ways this series and at times its pretty disgraceful hockey at times but if Rome gets 4 games on the hit on Horton (when Horton forgot hockey rule number 1…. look where ur going not where u passed it) and Horton misses a few games from concussion and Raymonds hit goes unpunished (no puck around players with a full force boarding push)…. well I know ill be pointing my finger at bias NHL members and owners.

    Gary Bettman came in 93′….. in ’94 his beloved Islanders beat the Canucks in a highly questionable series.

    2011 Jeremy Jacobs team (Owner of the Bruins and also Chairman of the NHL) is doing the same and now one player fights for his career.

    Snapped lower Vertebrae means Mason will be out at least a year.

    final note: watch the video of the injury…. then listen to the crowd jeering at Raymond on the ice. Stay classy Boston!

  9. Anon

    June 14, 2011 at 10:26 pm

    I love seeing the Canucks fans cry fowl because one of their players got suspended after all the crap they pulled in games 1 & 2, and now Raymond (unfortunately) goes awkwardly into the boards and gets injured, it’s suddenly NHL bias.

    If anything it was a trip on the play, but at full speed neither player was capable of stopping and Raymond was on the other end of a tough play, which happens every season to lots of NHL players.

  10. JayDell

    June 14, 2011 at 10:48 pm

    Boychuck finished the check. they were tangled up. Should have been a penalty. no suspension. Show me on the clip this “full force boarding”. There was nothing but momentum and a bit of a final shove. This is an unfortunate injury from very minor contact… So I watched the clip again as you said.. I’ve seen it 100 times… I’m not seeing intent… just a finished check. Are you watching these games… this was nothing. So what’s with all the conspiracy theories about the NHL… are you serious? you haven’t even lost yet… give it a day until the game is over for the excuses please. now I’ll ask you to look at the clip yourself and find me one fan in the stands that doesn’t look perplexed or concerned… I see mothers, fathers, children in the stand… young girls in bruins shirts looking on .. they all look pretty concerned to me… So a bunch of jerks (probably already drunk) are intent on heckling your team and anticipating yet another dive or taunt.. The canucks have made a mockery of the game in this series previous to this and this has severely damaged the squads overall credibility… Basically ‘the boy that cried wolf”. Raymond seems to be the next act in the dive show… But he’s really hurt… So why doesn’t everyone in the stands figure this out right away? Well, because there was really no noteworthy hit… Face it, it’s a miniscule hit that resulted in a severe injury. Sure the hecklers needed their heads slapped sooner because Raymond eventually seemed to be hurt not faking.. But he also skated off the ice and that also doen’t happen when someone will be out for a year… Why don;t you cut Boston a break.. you’re no classier than our city… As I said… this is just hatred…

  11. bwaybshirtb

    June 14, 2011 at 10:57 pm

    terribly unfortunate but in no way suspendable.
    im for vancouver in the series (although i think luongo’s play has been laughable with his mouth doing much of the hard work in the series). c’mon, next they’ll be calling for the heads of any player who does a casual push off of another player when they bump into eachother (which is standard!). this is a hockey play gone terribly wrong. by NO means dirty.

  12. Ian

    June 15, 2011 at 12:02 am

    I am a Vancouver fan, I’ll get that out of the way. When I look at the video, it is a clear penalty. Interference since Raymond didn’t even touch the puck. Even Kerry Fraser said there should have at least been a penalty. The refs told the Canucks that Raymond lost an edge. I personally don’t think it was suspend able, but, Boychuk could have let Raymond go after he spun him around by having his stick between his legs. I understand that it is finishing his check. But in no ways was Raymond tangled up with Boychuk, Boychuk initiated it all.

    As for Boston not saying much. They don’t have to. They are allowed to pretty much do whatever they want on the ice without having a worry about getting punished. Marchand punches Daniel 6 times, and somehow daniel gets a 10 minute misconduct out of the play? Not to mention Julien saying that his team would never ever stoop down to the level of the Canucks and taunt another player. The very next game Marchand and Lucic taunt. Then Marchand again the game after that. By no means are either team a clean team. There are hack, jabs, hits, verbal jeering by every player.

    The media itself has made Vancouver look to be this team that is the dirtiest, meanest, cheapest team. Even media in Canada, CBC, is doing it. So, it’s understandable that most fans around North America who have been watching this series to think that the Canucks are this brutally cheap team when all you are seeing is clips of the Vancouver players doing exactly what every other single hockey player that plays the games does on the ice. Not to mention how the Sedins are being ripped to shreds about their game play. But you don’t hear that in round 1, the faced Keith and Seabrook(Keith, Norris trophy winner last year), Round 2 taking on Shea Weber(Norris nominee this year) and now Chara(Norris nominee this year). The time they didn’t face a Norris throphy defence against San Jose, they combine for 18pts in 5 games. Hank with 12 in 6. Heck, even last night watching the game, when Marchand punches Daniel 6 times, what is the replay that CBC puts on directly after that?? A Canuck player throwing a punch at a Boston player.

    By no means has either team been a fair team, verbally off the ice, and in play on the ice.

    As for the fans, every building has shitty fans. I was sitting behind 6 LA King fans in the 1st game of the year this season for the Canucks, and I had a blast with them. They were awesome. Then of course a few rows behind me is some idiot. What is disgusting to me is hearing about the Boston fan that elbowed a 9 year old boy in a Canucks jersey and called him an ass. That is just straight up wrong. But as a fan base, I am sure most fans, who would be fans of hockey are classy. But there are always a few rotten apples in every crowd, and those are the ones you hear about, and apparently everyone goes ahead and generalizes the entire fan base off those few bad apples. I saw Boston fans shaking the hands of Vancouver fans after game 3. Those are the real fans, knowing that other people are allowed to cheer for another team. When I was at game 5 the other night in Vancouver, I chatted up a Boston fan that I saw on the streets and just so happened to be sitting in my section. Everyone is allowed to cheer for their respected teams. What I can’t stand is fans generalizing an entire fan base off the bad stories from other fans, and even worse, the hockey team that is iced. They didn’t assemble the team, why are people putting the title of classless infront of someone for the team that is on the ice? I just don’t get it. Though the jeering that Raymond took from Boston fans, it was rude, because no one should be boo’ed off the ice, regardless of not knowing the extent of the injury. He lay on the ice for several minutes. Usually means something is actually wrong. Even at Rogers arena’s viewing party for game 3, the crowd cheered when Horton got carted off. That is pretty cool IMO.

    Holy crap. I wrote a lot :P

  13. brent mudry

    June 15, 2011 at 12:10 am

    Whoever wins, hockey loses if the marquee finale, Wednesday’s game 7, is marred by more gratuitous hits and serious injuries. It’s great to see Nathan Horton mugging for the Boston crowd before the puck drop, keeping a brave face on his game 3 serious concussion, but fans are sickened again 20 seconds later when Johnny Boychuk sends Mason Raymond to the hospital. Raymond’s supposedly sidelined for just 3-4 months with a major back injury, a vertebrae compression fracture, but you gotta wonder if he’ll ever play or be the same again. We can all chirp about how come Vancouver’s Aaron Rome got tossed from the Finals for the Horton hit, while Boston’s Boychuk didn’t even get a one-second penalty for taking out Raymond, but in the bigger picture, does hockey really need all this caveman carnage?

    The Vancouver Olympics showcased hockey to the world with speed, skill and hard, but not gratuitous and nasty hits, and I don’t recall too many players being dragged off the ice on backboards.

    The NHL has slept through way too many wake-up calls, barely pretending to care when the lights go out for stars like Paul Kariya and superstars like Sidney Crosby, never to regain their stellar shine. And through it all, the one voice who can command attention on every rink in the planet is silent, incapable of stepping up and being a leader when his sport needs him the most. Wayne Gretzky was the Great One once on the ice — it’s a shame he can’t see and seize the opportunity to be a true leader again.

    I guess it’s just like pro cycling, where the hardcore fans have been numbed by the endless parade and charade of decades of dopers, and the new fans, so key to sponsors and advertisers, tune out and turn off. Assuming the NHL cares most about money, it has to choose now. Pander to the legacy thugs-on-ice shtick and struggle to boost this slipping congregation by targeting the WWF-MMA crowd, a dubious proposition if it wants to keep building mainstream appeal and major network coverage in the US. Or tone down the hits and fighting, tighten the rules, and focus on the skill of the game we all love. It’s really that easy.


  14. Klaus

    June 15, 2011 at 2:17 am

    Please Vancouver. Win tomorrow and win decisively….for yourselves, your team-mates, city, for your unconditional fan-base who have waited 40 years, and for Raymond!

  15. Robert Lemieux

    June 15, 2011 at 5:59 am

    I fell 6 feet off a step ladder and broke 3 vertabrae in my back, compression fractures where the bone was fractured through. I did not fall very far and the result was devastating. I was off work for 3 weeks and fully recovered in 2 months. It does not take much of a hit to get hurt if you hit the wrong way. Lets not judge the severity of the hit by the resulting injury. He could have been hurt worse just dancing.

  16. JayDell

    June 15, 2011 at 6:14 am

    Well said Ian. I respect your opinion. Good Luck in the final game. There are fans in Vancouver that deserve to see a Stanley Cup raised and the same is true in Boston. Both teams have their share of skilled and classy players. I think there is maybe enough of a difference in culture to see things differently so it is what it is..

    I don’t see Vancouver or Boston hits, slashes (i.e. “dirty” hits ) as cheap. I see it as chippy and passionate play. Even a hack that results in a bad bruise or occasional minor injury. This is part of hockey and has always been the price a champion pays to win a championship.

    Bobby Orr lost half his career 40 years ago so things are no different now… Maybe this part of the game represents a risk or “unfair challenge” to a team that’s only hope it to win with speed and skills.

    When I saw Marchand Sedin incident I actually laughed. Those were not punches, they weren’t even jabs. That’s how older brothers wake you up for school in tough towns. The issue with that situation was Sedin. He doesn’t now how to respond to in that situation. Maybe the coaches should remind these guys that they need to just shove back a little… but for the sake of pride don’t expect to draw a penalty by sitting there pretending to get beaten up… When Lucic hit Burrows in the head, that was with a bit more force, that was out of frustration for the behavior and flopping… I watched every game this year and you never see that level of frustration from the Bruins. So to say the Canucks did not instigate a lot of this is just wishful thinking.

    I think the Canucks are pre-meditated more than the Bruins. The Bruins play with passion and energy and sure the passion gets the most of players once in a while. But what I’ve seen from Vancouver is a team extremely focused on taking advantage of anything they can on the ice…

    This I think results in players taking dives to get a man advantage, the taunts that led to all the pay back taunting I also felt was an attempt to draw penalties. This is what I find has raised the level of frustration in Boston and in many other towns watching the canucks..

    I watched the Boycuk/Raymond thing again and again, there’s just no intent and you cannot lump this with more serious injuries with questionable intent. the league and refs got this one right. It is unfortunate for Raymond. It’s a tough sport and he got a sever injury on a freak situation. Boychuk was finishing a check. I know it works to your advantage if is erases the Horton hit but it doesn’t come close. If this is what you need to rally around in Game 7.. then so be it.

    And may the best team win… I think the Bruins have outplayed the Canucks in this season. That said, It’s anyone’s game tonight and I’m fine with a win or a loss because the Bruins played like a championship team and went the distance.

  17. D

    June 15, 2011 at 7:23 am

    @jaydell, boychuk was finishing a check, so what do you think rome was doing?

    i personally think that rome’s hit was clean, but late. i would have to say the same thing about the boychuk hit. the puck wasn’t even close by, and for those of you who say the hit was unavoidable, then watch it again. he clearly, and forcefully shoves raymond into the boards, something that was completely unneccessary

  18. darren

    June 15, 2011 at 7:51 am

    love the canucks; used to love the bruins; disgusted with the whole thing; the NHL’s a nasty joke; I coach football, rugby and wrestling, twenty years – don’t mind a rough game, its good for the soul; anyone who thinks that hit was okay is nuts, compromised position, a player with any honour wouldn’t have driven him into the boards, spinal injury was predictable; Rome should have been suspended, intent or not; and Boychuk should be gone.

  19. Klaus

    June 15, 2011 at 8:30 am

    Darren, I could not have said it any better. To make things worse, Boston did not even bring out a stretcher for him..on a back injury? The so called team of jurors didn’t even ask for a medical report, like they did for Horton….WHAT A JOKE! Raymond’s injury could be worse then they thought. The soonest, and I use that word very loosely, he could be back is late November.

  20. Rilee

    June 15, 2011 at 8:50 am

    i am cheering for boston and i think boychuk should be suspended indefinitely but i have watched the aaron rome hit and horton was watching the guy with the puck so he didn’t go offside that was the right call a suspension for rome a suspension for boychuk was necessary raymond never touched the puck and klaus i am also disguted that they didnt do any of the stuff they did for horton

  21. Bruins

    June 15, 2011 at 8:55 am

    Raymond didn’t touch the puck because boychuk lifted his stick and moved him away from it. But hey, Canucks fans always seem to have something to whine about. It should be a great game tonight. I def think they should have brought out a stretcher though. But I don’t think this can be blamed on Boston. Raymond def could have been hurt further by not being cared for properly.


    June 15, 2011 at 8:55 am

    o.k. almost time to play hockey. I’ll go with the leagues decision on both those hits. Is this a leaque wide conspiracy un folding? Maybe later in the summer the B’s will have to give the Cup back?

    Had the Boychuk hit been more forceful I would agree with you but come on, It’s still going to happen.. And this series goes seven with or without the Boychuk/Raymond because the Canucks did not show up again or the B’s shut them down again.

    Remember, these guys are hitting all night long and there’s going to be bad hits and injury as long as this game is played.

    The resulting injury was much worse than the play. A friend nearly died a year ago, working construction/demolition and wearing a aesbestos suit in high temperature. He was overheated and exhausted and fell 4 roughly four feet off a step ladder hitting his head an detaching his skull from his spine. Miraculously, he did not destroy his spinal cord and he walks today. But people fall from ladders all the time from two stories up and walk away with a bruise or less also.

    The fact of this series is canucks fans want a Cup bad… “really bad” and they’ve been waiting long enough… i totally agree it’s a great story… Vancouver (all of Canada) is an awesome place. You still have to earn championships…

    Boston is hungry and well matched up to compete with Vancouver tonight. B’s have effectivly shut down the offense like no team has this season and we’ve done it consistently.

    The fact is canucks are getting outplayed with strategy that basically negates your skills. But there hasn’t been any lack of skills on the B’s side of things… We have quite a highlight reel from this run and especially this series. There’s certainly no shortage of canucks highlights to laugh about.

    Now, a few of you want to make the Boychuk thing an excuse. Maybe you want to get the same spark we got from Horton… Anything to win is the motto and as I said before. I understand why.. Your desparate.

    So Vancouver limps into game seven playing a team missing their star forward, the only offense (speed & skills) that is noteworthy in the entire series has come from Boston. Vancouver has basically scored empty net goals either due to defensive breakdowns, board bounces, or missed slashing calls. Basically any other team in the league and this was already over…

    If the B’s can win one 1-0 game against you they spoil the party… and then the real crying will start… but seriously 15 million people in New England want this championship just as bad as Vancouver. Canucks will have to earn it and put away the excuses. And good luck seriously it’s not going to be the kind of game you want to play… Games 7′s are the end of the line and this series may end very ugly… And that’s part of hockey, sports and life… life outside the bubble.

  23. Bruins

    June 15, 2011 at 8:58 am

    And all those who think this was a bad hit need to stop watching hockey. Please. It is getting ridiculous how much complaining happens on hockey plays. No intent to injure here. Just a freak accident. He wasn’t driven into the boards. They simply were engaged, had momentum going towards the boards as Raymond fell into an awkward position, and Raymond got hurt. At worst, as i’ve said, it is interference. But I wouldn’t even call it that. This is hockey. They were both attempting to play the puck, Boychuk moved him away from the puck and Raymond ended up getting hurt. Nothing more than a hockey play.


    June 15, 2011 at 8:58 am

    your == you’re -> third to last paragraph..
    bye bye

  25. Rolando

    June 15, 2011 at 9:11 am

    Boychuck clearly followed through with the hit while Raymond was in a vulneral position, he could easily have let off. Clearly a boarding penalty. The NHL needs to look at itself and how it manages penalties. To be consistant , with the Horton hit/suspension, Boychuck he should be out of the series as Raymond is.

  26. Bruins

    June 15, 2011 at 9:22 am

    Nope, you’re wrong!

  27. Klaus

    June 15, 2011 at 9:28 am

    Tale of two goalies (Jekyll & Hyde). One in Boston…one in Vancouver. GAV in Vancouver – 0.67, in Boston 5.0. Canucks offense will break out tonight and the Vancouver will be in home ice form….History will be made. Sedin’s, Kesler and Burrows will figure predominately in the offense. Luongo shows up and maintains the stellar play at home….4-1 Vancouver

  28. Van/Bos fan

    June 15, 2011 at 9:29 am

    As a hockey fan and player for more than 28 years, seeing the Boychuk hit on Raymond makes me question why I love this game so much. IF you think it was an “awkward” hockey play and there was no intent to injure, then you are fooling yourself because Boychuk had enough time to know what he was doing, that Raymond was in a vulnerable position, and the replay from the side (not the slow-mo overhead view from behind) shows the speed and force with which he took him into the boards.

    If there is nothing wrong with that play (and I’m not referring to a minor penalty for interference) than I have to believe that there is no integrity or respect in the game of hockey. I’ve seen many things that support this. Hockey is a brutal sport where some guys set out to hurt each other. Maybe we should just stop trying to fool ourselves, accept that and market the game like the UFC.

    ***And for the haters … I’ve cheered the Canucks since 82 and the Bruins since 88. I love them both and its my dream to see either finally kick the bad habit of loosing in the finals.

  29. Klaus

    June 15, 2011 at 10:08 am

    From: Kaiser Sosay

    We’ve seen the fans from all the cities we’ve played since the start of round 1. They’ve come, they’ve gone, they’ve whined, they’ve cried and they’ve done their best to incite the Canuck fans.

    The Boston fans have been the worst by far. We’ve heard threats that Canada should be turned into a big parking lot for the US, we’ve been dared to come to their city, we’ve been told that if our fan was urinated on they deserved it (because we threw peanuts at Lucic’s grandparents), we’ve been told the kid that was elbowed deserved it and to stay home next time. UNBELIEVABLE. Actually, one of our more famous singers told the story of the adult elbowing the kid. Why would he lie?

    We’ve all seen the video of their player Savard biting. Actually, he’s a serial biter as he’s been suspended twice. We’ve seen Ference give Montreal the finger. We’ve seen Horton spray the Tampa fans with water. We’ve seen that Paille got a 4 game suspension for a blind side hit…..not just a late hit. We all witnessed their Coach go on and on about how classless Vancouver was and that they’d never behave like that.

    Well guess what? They do and they have. What was priceless was later that night 2 of his players taunted ours in exactly the same fashion.

    We are known around the world as polite and they are known around the world as “ugly Americans” and that’s the difference. And they wonder why.

    Vancouver doesn’t care if the rest of Canada doesn’t cheer for our team as most of us don’t cheer for theirs. Put your hands up if you’d be voting for Toronto if they were in the cup final. Besides, we know that the vast majority of all the teams are made up of Canadians so it doesn’t matter who you cheer for because you are still cheering for Canadians. As a matter of fact if Boston took away all the Canadians on their team they’d have about 5 guys left. Yet, the boorish Boston fans continue to insult them at every turn.

  30. Kevin Grainger

    June 15, 2011 at 10:41 am

    All the talk on Hits and refs and who deserves to win,needs to stop now both teams have achived alot to be here for game 7 .Lets enjoy the game tonight make it about Hockey.May the best team on the ice tonight lift the cup with pride.


    June 15, 2011 at 11:36 am


    This isn’t hockey talk it’s hatred and ignorance. listen to yourself “ugly Americans”. Here it surfaces again… You can’t resist slinging the hatred.

    Bottom line, you feel you can say anything and do anything to justify your quest for the sports Cup. I refuse to believe someone as arrogant as you would represent Canada or Canadian people. I hope it’s not the case…

    In the face of your comments, I will say again, That people I know best, New Englanders, these people embrace Canada, We’re short drive from two Provinces and a boat ride to another. We respect the canucks teams skills and do not doubt the passion of the team or it’s fan base.

    We’re absolutly shocked at this hatred.

    We respect the league and the history of the game. My kids all love Canadian and European players. They wear their jersey’s and pretend they are hockey pros playing street hockey. We go to the rink and talk about the great ockey players from across the entire league. We know the game and we know the statistics just like you. Most of us are polite just like you. You point out things no country or city could ever defend against. There are stories in every country and in every city, there’s also many that would fabricate a story or two to spew hatred..

    Most Boston fans are pointing at the things that occur on the ice and retaliating to the hatred. They have every right to be angry with commentary like yours here on this page..

    And as far as measuring class… You simply can’t taunt someone and then point at their retaliation as a separate attack.. the taunts the players faced were due to the way your team decided to play the series.

    This series is closer than your team prepared for… and it’s much to close fo rth fans that will simply not tolerate anything less than a victory in game 7…

    You had this planned to end in 5 with a whimper. Then the big parade, Your team and your city has instigated a lot of this two way hatred. A reckless abandon in your quest for your first Stanley Cup. Deperate to join the ranks of fellow Canadians in the glory of the NHL.

    Your team has been the instgator and inital aggressor and has dismissed Boston in this competition. But you haven;t shown much of what got you to the finals..

    Bruins are now the team that you didn’t want invited to the party… Now Boston has taken it seven games, and yet you’re still dismissing the team and tossing more hatred due to the frustration.

    You talk like a complete fool and your comments left here are a disgrace to your family , your self and your country. If you think America is ugly, read your comments again and look in the mirror.

    I believe in my heart that these comments don;t represent your country so no harm done anyway.

    So let’s have a game and see who the best team in the NHL is.

  32. Dale Hill

    June 15, 2011 at 2:52 pm

    Boychuck spun Raymond to line up with the boards, lifted his right leg to trap Raymonds head, while holding Raymonds right shoulder down with his left hand and proceeded to shove Raymond backwards into the boards. “The only one tangled up” was Raymond. He had no chance to protect himself, could not have been aware of where the boards were, Boychuck was aware. It was a conscious choice by Boychuck. Its all there in digital. Any loss of “edge” occurred before that!
    On one hand the league says it wants to “clean up” the after whistle scrums, to “protect” players from severe injury blindside or not. Yet does nothing about the dirt in the after whistle scrums, or questionable hits. I just hope there are no more serious injuries.
    Im glad Horton is well enough to travel with the team for game 7, it is also my hope Raymond is well enough to walk again soon!


    June 16, 2011 at 10:55 am

    My thoughts and prayers for Canada and the unfortunate majority of folks in Vancouver who have had to suffer this embarrassment on the world stage.

    Someone in the city there needs to get the youth of Vancouver on a steady diet of discipline, humility and anger management.

    The Boston Bruins organization and the hockey fans of New England USA single-handedly saved both the NHL and the Canadian national pastime last night.

    If anyone in Vancouver doesn’t understand that today.. you may three-peat…

  34. Concerned Canuck Fan

    June 24, 2011 at 5:34 pm

    The hit was a questionable one for sure because of the lack of puck presence, but by no means do I think Boychuck meant to fracture his vertebrae. I also don’t think Rome meant to do anything to hurt Horton either; I mean come on, he is a big boy that can hold his own. You saw Thornton jeer the Canucks bench and Rome decided to try and get a big hit. I think a game maybe for suspension but the series? With Raymond being as vulnerable going backwards into the boards I’d say they are equally as dangerous and the league has realy bad ideals on trying to change all potential injuries by all calls missed this year for any team. The part about the hit on Raymond is that even though the injuriy was serious it didn’t look like it and not a single trainer from the Bruins organization helped, nor was there any assistance outside the teammates and Canuck organization. These injuries and questionable hits are so hard to judge, but something must be done; for the safety of young kids coming into the league. Maybe a third ref and one less linesman?

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  37. Kevin

    September 13, 2013 at 12:41 pm

    @working maplestory hack not totally of subject the is after all a link between the bruins and crabs.