Schenn, Doughty, Modano, Selanne and McCabe remain unsigned … Sutter could be on a short leash in Calgary … Boychuck could be trade bait

  • Kevin Mcgran of the Toronto Star: There is still “no sense of panic on either side” when it comes to the contract of Maple Leafs defenseman Luke Schenn. McGran does think “it’s a little unsettling” that they haven’t reached a deal yet. Schenn could be waiting to see what Drew Doughty gets, who could be looking for a long term deal around $6-7 million. Both are represented by Newport Sports. Mike Modano said he’d make a decision to retire or not by mid-September. He’s been looking at off-ice options. Teemu Selanne is still waiting to see how his knee holds up before making a decision to come back or not. Bryan McCabe is a still unsigned, with the Senators and Islanders possibly interested.
  • Harrison Mooney of Yahoo! Sports: If the Flames struggle this season, coach Brent Sutter could find himself unemployed. “Jay Feaster has retained Brent Sutter for now, but both are under a lot of pressure to make things right in Calgary. And, since Feaster doesn’t have to look Brent Sutter in the eyes at Thanksgiving dinner, the Flames’ bench boss will likely have a much shorter leash this time around.”
  • James Murphy of ESPN Boston: Murphy answering readers questions. The Bruins won’t have Marc Savard’s cap number on the books this year and will have $11.7 million in cap space this year. GM Peter Chiarelli could decide to fill some holes during the season or shake things up if he needs too. He’ll also have the room to sign a marquee UFA next summer. Bruins defenseman Johnny Boychuck could find himself as trade bait if he doesn’t improve from last year. He has a good shot and is physical, but was just average on too many nights.

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