Watters drops a big Maple Leafs – Blue Jackets rumor

1:06 PM:

Darren Dreger via twitter: “A couple of sketchy trade rumours out there. Can tell you the Leafs, according to Burke have never discussed Nash trade…”Ever.””

10:10 AM:

Bill Watters via twitter: Watters drops this NHL rumor today …. The Maple Leafs would get Rick Nash and Kristian Huselius from the Blue Jackets for Mikhail Grabovski, Luke Schenn, Nazem Kadri and Mike Komisarek.

I think a similar rumor was dropped a week ago by @Incarceratedbob

Nash carries a $7.8 million cap hit until 2017-18. Huselius carries a $4.75 million cap and will be a UFA at the end of the season. Combined total for this year is $12.55 million.

Grabovski carries a $2.9 million cap hit this year and will be a UFA at the end of the year. Schenn signed a 5 year contract with a $3.6 million cap hit before this season. Kadri will have one more season after this year with a $1.72 million cap hit. Komisarek has a $4.5 million hit for the next 2 years. Combined total for his year is $12.72 million.


  1. AJ

    January 31, 2012 at 4:30 am

    ” Macarthur, Aulie, Frattin and D’amigo for Suter and Jordin Tootoo” — That’s an inconsistent 2nd liner for three former 4-6 round pick NHL nobodies with maximum decent potential for a franchise Dman and the league’s best under-the-skin guy. Right.

    “Kristian Huselius, Matthew Lombardi for Tuommo Ruttu and a mid round draft pick” — That’s two player, who’ve played 74 games combined tha last two seasons. One is still on LTIR. For tha Canes’ own ‘Grabovski’ and a pick (watch out! They’re actually playing!)

    “Raphael Diaz and David Deharnais for Nikolai Kulemin and a Marlies Player” — That’s a young Dmen, who himself has similar numbers as a Dman as Kulemin, + a center froma team with center problems.

    And all this ofc after the original trade in the post already happened.

    Thank the skies you came and conquered Jay Smith, so that now we all can “think very well”.

    Oh btw, I gotta ask: Bill Watters, is that you there?

  2. LeafFans, Dream On

    January 31, 2012 at 6:02 am

    Why is it that Leaf fans think that the average and below-average players on the Leafs roster are worth so much more than they actually are? …and Komisarek isn’t having a “solid” year. He’s having a year slightly better than he usually does. After 7 seasons in the NHL, it’s about time.

  3. hotwings

    January 31, 2012 at 7:28 am

    im a komi fan… he is overpaid by about 1.5-2mil, but he is better asset than mostthink

  4. Lennykey7

    January 31, 2012 at 9:26 am

    Too many NHL 12 trades going on here. I had a leafs franchise and traded Kuli, Komi and a 2nd rounder for Tavares, then MacArthur, Lombardi and a 2013 2nd rounder for Stamkos. Sounds rediculous right? That’s how you crazies sound right now.

  5. Guest123

    January 31, 2012 at 10:40 am



  6. Chris James

    January 31, 2012 at 5:57 pm

    AJ – I have to support Jay on this one. First of all, he made an excellent point with Komisarek. Second, Ruttu will be dealt by the deadline. You seem to be overrating many players. I don’t know if you know hockey or not, but I will assume you do and that you made a mistake by calling Diaz young. He is in his mid to late 20’s even thought he is a rookie. So check that out next time you freak out at a guy making a suggestion. The habs will soon be rebuilding so they will likely have issues everywhere so wake up AJ. Also, tell me you were kidding when you called Macarthur an inconsistent second liner. He is consistently solid. And you calling Tootoo the best under-the-skin guy. he is good, but he is a fourth liner on a good team. that is it. I think you yourself are not the brightest either. Jay was definitely a little bit idealistic, but you were just as incorrect with your comments, and you bein a dick like that was so unnecessary. I actually personally know Brian Burke. We have been long time friends. He sometimes talks to me a bit about the team and potential deals. He hasn’t disclosed anything about Nash as he has been talking to the Jackets recently, and he doesn’t want the press to get word of the exact players potentially involved. However he has told me about potential players he is looking at. He told me that all of them had relatively low prices to be paid in return, and Jay actually mentioned quite a few of them, such as Ruttu, Deharnais, and Diaz. So, AJ, maybe you should look in the mirror when you go to criticize somebody else. Based on what Brian has told me, I would say his suggestions are pretty damn accurate. So, why don’t u stop bein a dick, and contribute with an opinion, not a rude response. I’m pretty sure I could criticize you all day, so be careful what you say.

  7. Devon Akinjide

    January 31, 2012 at 6:01 pm

    hey AJ, I found your comment rude and spiteful. Any time, any place, I’ll fight you. Let’s see how tough you really are.

  8. AJ

    January 31, 2012 at 7:39 pm

    First of all, I was very sarcastic. I didn’t name anyone “idiot”, I didn’t name anyone “dick” and I didn’t pull a “mouthkarate-kid”, I wasn’t cursing, I wasn’t threatening and I wasn’t stating, that “everyone else don’t think well, I do” in the first place, either. I ofc sometimes do all of these as all of us do, but I don’t find any of it any convincing eventually.

    I wasn’t questioning Komisarek in any way. I was questioning the original deal, if it would make sense for TOR to take on such a long contract, even if it’s Rick Nash. Those can kill you. IMO, Komisarek would be in the deal to free up cap space. He may be playing better, but it still isn’t making it up for the cap space, he eats up.

    I wasn’t questionng the fact, that Ruutu will be dealt. I actually think he will be the very next player to be dealt. I was questioning how one could expect to deal two players, who spend most of their time on the LTIR for a useful healthy player and a pick.

    You’re right about Diaz, he’s not a youngster. But still, why would Burke trade one of his few big forwards for yet another smallish 2nd/3rd line center and yet another Dman? And the habs are hurting in the middle and on the blueline. The deal might rush Leblanc to log big minutes, which they don’t wanna do, even if they will soon rebuilding.

    Jay’s player assessment may be good, may even look at the good players, but what he’s suggesting, the trades, the big picture just doesn’t make any sense and seem to be daydreaming.

    Macarthur is kinda inconsistent this year, but he rather may have been mishandled or caught up in the line changings and inconsistent minutes he got.

    Your dead wrong on Tootoo. He is what I called him. He’s a constant third line guy (sometimes 2nd) and is producing good numbers on a team not known for it’s great forward corps, carried by 2 elite defenders a great goalie and a good system.

    You threw a lot of shit on me, actually a lot more, than I may have on anyone, and I don’t think it was justified at all. Not even by the fact you know Burke and talk hockey.

    And finally Devon, you can find my response rude, but I was just really sarcastic. For rude, look at what Chris had to say, who’s in fact on your side.
    I’m in kind of a good shape, but you’re still just being senseless. For those things, a fourth line enforcer role is a more proper place.

  9. You Have Got To Be Joking

    January 31, 2012 at 7:45 pm

    Komisarek was a +7 and +9 his first couple of years with Montreal. In his 3rd season, he was at 0, and the Habs dumped him, figuring he would never be the same again after Lucic cleaned his clock.
    So, first couple of years in Toronto, he was -9 and -8. Now, his +/- is 0, and he has 4 whole points. He ranks 326th in the league in plus/minus. THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-SIXTH among NHL defensemen!
    What was that excellent point again?
    What are you, 10 years old? Get off the computer and go to bed!
    And Devon, really? You’re on a computer, and threatening to fight people? Wow! This website should force people to have to pass a screener before they’re allowed to post comments.

  10. Calm the F*** Down

    January 31, 2012 at 8:04 pm

    Can everyone please calm the f*** down here? I don’t think anyone wants to argue here. Let’s just share our opinions here people. AJ, you may or may not have been right at the beginning but you handled the situation in a very classy manner with your response.

  11. Trades

    January 31, 2012 at 8:05 pm

    Hi guys! I was just wondering what a potential trade for Suter, or Paul Gaustad would include.

  12. AJ is a class act

    January 31, 2012 at 8:07 pm

    Class act AJ – I gotta agree with that guy who said that. Classy, and knowledgable.