Price has headaches, concussion? Hall to have surgery today … Myers out … Wisniewski to return … Quincey suspendion video

  • Mike Boone of Hockey Inside/Out: Radio-Canada is reporting that Canadiens goalie Carey Price has a concussion, but as of last night the Canadiens were disputing that. The Canadiens say that he is having headaches, but hasn’t been diagnosed with a concussion just yet. He’ll go through some tests this week to see what is causing the headaches. Price collided with a teammate Thursday morning and hasn’t felt the same since. It is possible that his season could be over. A Radi0-Canada reporter apparently overhead the Canadiens doctor on his cell phone talking to their head athletic therapist.
  • LA Kings via twitter: Kings forward Jeff Carter had an MRI yesterday which revealed a deep bone bruise and no structural damage. He’ll be out day-to-day.
  • Gary Lawless of the Winnipeg Free Press: Jets center Kyle Wellwood is out with a broken ankle. Wellwood was hit in the foot by a Grant Clitsome’s shot. Wellwood set a career high with 47 points this season.
  • Red Wings defenseman Kyle Quincey was suspended for elbowing.


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