Shero says he’s not trading Jordan Staal … No timeline on Crosby deal … Reports of a Selanne return … Kypreos trade watch video

  • Josh Yohe of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review:  Penguins GM Ray Shero on Jordan Staal, he isn’t available.

    “You can’t have it both ways,” he said. “I can’t try to negotiate a contract with Jordan and a trade with another team at the same time. It doesn’t work that way. We don’t want to trade Jordan. We think we can sign him, and we’re going to try.”

    “He told me he likes it here,” Shero said. “Told me he wants to stay, that he likes Pittsburgh and likes being a Penguin.”

    “People read the newspapers and so maybe they think he’s available,” Shero said. “That stuff is all speculation. I have made it clear to every team that has asked. I don’t want to trade Jordan. I’m not listening to offers. I want Jordan here. I want him here for a long time, and that’s what I’m going to try to do.”

    Dave Molinari via twitter: Penguins GM Shero said there is no deadline for getting new deals for Jordan Staal and Sidney Crosby.

  • Dave Molinari via twitter: Shero confirms that he may trade a defenseman or 2 before the start of next season. He wouldn’t say if he’s asked anyone to waive a no-trade clause.
  • Bob McKenzie via twitter: Finnish reports from @Veikkajaa and @vrantanen are that Teemu Selanne has decided to play 1 more season. Lisa Dillman via twitter: Ducks GM Bob Murray on NHL Live: “We’ll wait and see. I think he (Selanne) is kind of waiting to see what we do over the next few wks…” … “…and how we’re shaping up and he’ll make a decision.”
  • Ian Mendes via twitter: A decision on Daniel Alredsson’s retirement or not is still a few weeks away. He had a bad cold/virus that cut his training short.
  • James Gordon via twitter: “What about the Euge’s recent penny pinching do people not understand? He ain’t signing Karlsson for $7 mil then bringing in Rick Nash.”
  • Rumours swirling ahead of NHL Draft


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