No trades imminent … Bettman will see an offer from “how the players see the world” … Little fee to cancel Winter Classic

  • David Pagnotta via twitter: August is usually slow on the trade/roster front. There is some chatter out there, mostly feelers. There is talk out there saying trades are close, but nothing big is imminent anywhere.
  • Michael Grange of Sportsnet: NHLPA head man Don Fehr will meet with Gary Bettman today and will pretend the owners’ offer never happened. According to a source, Fehr won’t counter the a lesser percentage of rollback or less years till free agency,

    “Some people interpret a counter proposal to be ‘this is within the framework of what the other guy said’ — It just moves some things around,” Fehr said after a two-hour bargaining session in Toronto Monday. “This is a different kind of an approach. It’s how the players see the world.”

    Player rep David Steckle,

    “The game is growing but we want to make it that much better for everyone,” said Steckel, who described the interest level of the players he’s been responsible for communicating with as ‘sky-high.’ “It’s not just us wanting more money, we want the game to be better for everyone.”

    “If you had a 9-to-5 job and you’re asked to rollback your salaries you’re going to want to know why…that’s what most players saw and are going, ‘how can you ask us to do this again?'” said Steckel. “In seven years you’re asking us to cut our salaries by 48 per cent? We’re not the ones running organizations signing people to deals for $100 million.”

    A Former NHL governor,

    “We’re generating a lot of revenue, but we’re investing to get it,” the former governor said. “The guys at MSG are investing a billion dollars (renovating Madison Square Garden). That’s going to drive up revenue and the players are going to benefit from it but they didn’t put up one penny of that billion.”

  • TSN: The NHL can cancel the Winter Classic up until the actual day of the game. If they cancel the game, they’d only have to pay the university $100,000. If the game goes on, it will cost them $3 million. That doesn’t cover the outdoor games played at Comerica Park.

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  1. Jeff

    August 14, 2012 at 9:56 am

    100k. NHL negotiated well.