Some morning CBA related notes … KHL cancels their 2 games in Brooklyn

  • Adrian Dater via twitter: Darren Dreger on TSN: “I think that the players (will) blink first. It always comes down to dollars and cents.”
  • Steve Zipay via twitter: If the NHL wipes out the rest of November, 191 games will be cut. That’s 326 of 1,230, 26% of the season.
  • Kevin Gibson via twitter: A 72 game schedule will reduce the players salaries by 12%. A 62 game schedule will reduce player salaries by 24%.
  • Larry Brooks via twitter: “If NHL wipes out Nov, will for punitive purposes only. No reason games can’t start Thanksgiving weekend if agreement is reached within 2 wks”
  • Tim Panaccio via twitter: “NHL pulled its first offer off the table when the Sept. 15 deadline passed, as well. This was expected was it not? Next move? NOV sked … Then after NOV gets wiped out, cancel the Winter Classic next week. Then a new proposal from one side or other …”
  • Kevin Kurz via twitter: Sharks Dan Boyle, “It’s supposed to be a negotiation, and I think right now both sides think it’s their way of the highway.”
  • Helen Elliott via twitter: Elliott thinks there is a deal to be made, but there are no dealmakers to conclude it. “Bettman doesn’t deal, he dictates.”
  • Jason Gregor via twitter: “Why would NHL players care if Winter Classic is cancelled. It is one game. NHL thinking that is a serious threat is idiotic.”
  • Ted Kulfan via twitter: The Red Wings confirmed that if there is no Winter Classic, the downtown festival will not happen.
  • Helene Elliott via twitter: NBA commissioner David Stern on if he’s advised Gary Bettman: “I have a close relationship with Gary. But I would say that the subject of such conversations as we have had is covered by the commissioner-to-commissioner privilege and it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to comment further.”
  • Szymon Szemberg via twitter: The KHL has cancelled the 2 games between Dynamo Moscow and SKA St. Pete that were to be played on January 20th and 21st in Brooklyn. Reason being, the KHL wants 1st and foremost that Russian fans can see the top games and the uncertainty caused by the NHL lockout. Slava Malamud via twitter: Malamud says the KHL’s decision was motivated by finances and internal power struggle within the KHL. A big loss of money for Medvedev. Insiders said that earlier this month there was an attempt to remove Medvedev as KHL president and replace him with Putin crony Rotenberg. The “powers that be” didn’t like the Brooklyn trip and often interfere with Medvedev’s business model. They are afraid it will hurt the national team in Sochi.

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