Things get heated during talks … Could be $379 million apart

  • Adrian Dater via twitter: Dater is certain that the owners thought they’d have a deal yesterday, and they are furious that Fehr said no. It’s why the players should think hard before walking away, not going to get much better than 50-50, make whole.
  • Pierre LeBrun of ESPN: Things were heated yesterday.

    “Everyone is disturbed on lack of movement on contracting rights,” said the player via text message. “That’s really hurting the process.”

    The league didn’t really give an inch on their player contracting demands, but LeBrun believes they will if the NHLPA will goes with the make whole provision. The make whole will guarantee the players $211 million,  $149 million in year 1 and $62 million in year 2. The league projects by year 3 that revenues will have grown enough that much won’t have to go into escrow. The NHLPA doesn’t feel the $211 comes close to making whole, needs to be closer to $600 million. Also, what happens if the revenues don’t grow as much in year 3 as the NHL predicts.

    “It’s not make whole — it’s make partial,” said one player via text.

    Sources on both sides said the NHLPA won’t go a dime less than the $1.883 billion in salaries plus 1.75% on top of that.

  • Kevin McGran via twitter: McGran has been told that the players are looking for $590 to be ‘made whole.’ The NHL is offering $211 million, so they are $379 million apart.
  • Renaud Lavoie via twitter: “Tough meeting today. Talks were good this week but some say its because Jeremy Jacobs was not there…until today.”
  • Aaron Ward via twitter: “According to multiple player sources,”the notion that players don’t know what’s in CBA proposal is a complete fabrication”.Today’s meeting was described as ‘heated’. One observation,”they couldn’t have tried harder to push us away”.Sensing huge frustration with the league.”
  • NHLPA via twitter: Players at meetings today: Chris Campoli, Mathieu Darche, Ron Hainsey, George Parros and Kevin Westgarth.
  • Tom Gulitti via twitter: Before today’s meetings, some of Gulitti’s thoughts on CBA talks from what other reports and what he’s gathered:

    1) Although there has been some back and forth, both sides are still negotiating off their own proposals as far as the HRR issue. In other words, both still want to do it their way, not the way the other side wants to. 2) The leadership on both sides has received pressure from their constituents to work harder at this than they had been previously. What’s happened this week in talks, would have previously led to a breakdown, but they’re coming back for more now rather than stomping off. 3) It will probably take another breakdown in talks before the sides are ready to take that next step that would lead to a breakthrough. Won’t be surprising if NHL or PA walk away in next day or two, go public with their dissatisfaction with latest CBA talks.

    Tim Panaccio via twitter: If a new CBA gets done, potential start dates are Nov. 23rd, Dec. 1st and Jan. 1st.