Nothing scheduled … 3 road block issues … Hull on Oates

  • Pierre LeBrun of ESPN: There are 3 road block issues right now. 1. The core economic issue:  The NHL offered $211 million in deferred payments plus interested to ‘make whole.’ The NHLPA maybe looking for something closer to $600 million. They are looking for $1.883 billion plus 1.75% in the first year of the deal. 2.  Player contracting rights: It has become a bigger issue over the last week. The NHL won’t move on this until it has the ‘make whole’ figured out. The NHLPA doesn’t won’t to move on the current player rights since they are going down to 50% from 57%. The NHL wants the NHLPA to counter on this area, but the NHLPA say they are not interested in any of it. LeBrun thinks the NHL should move to 8 years/28 years old old to 7 and 27, and not to change the entry-level or salary arbitration systems. Also to give up on 5 year contract max. Aspects that the NHL should hold firm on are the 5% rule for contracts (year-to-year can only go up or down 5%), stashing NHL contracts in the AHL, and the  back-diving rule in which if a player retires before his contract expires, the original team gets his cap hit. 3. The damage of the lockout: After cancelling November games, Bill Daly estimates they’ve lost $720 million, and that doesn’t include the Winter Classic. They need to figure out how to “share in the pain” of the lockout damage for a shortened season (if there is one). The NHL will see as a 50-50 split. The NHLPA may say it’s more of an NHL issue since they locked the players out. They did get close on revenue sharing, with the NHL coming up to $220 million from $150 million, with the NHLPA may be wanting to modify how the program is run.
  • Elliotte Friedman via twitter: The Bruins have 12 players under contract for 2014-15 (excluding Doug Hamilton), the Flyers have 10, the Maple Leafs and Rangers have 3. Great little story from Brett Hull on Adam Oates:

    “I always felt bad for the guy on our left wing. He would come to the bench and he’d ask Adam, ‘Did you see me? I was wide open.’ He’d look at the guy and go, ‘Yeah I saw you, but who do you think I want to pass to — you or Brett?'”

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  1. I_am_I

    November 14, 2012 at 11:10 am

    “Make Whole” is easy. If the split is 50/50 then set the cap to where it would be (about $61.5M I think) then every team has to get under that before the season starts. Allow an amnesty buy out (100% value and immediately UFA). The bought out players are “whole” they got 100% of their money. The retained players are whole in that there is no roll back and they are all under the cap. Done.
    On Contracting: Unplayed years after the 5th of a contract count against the cap always. So if a player has a 10 year deal an retires on year 3 the cap hit lingers for the next five years. If they retire on year 7 it lingers for 3 additional years. The added cap hit counts even if they are on the IR. Or get rid of averaging and the cap hit is the dollar value that year. Either of these fix backdiving cap circumvention.