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Some Bettman and Fehr quotes … NHLPA numbers … Fallout thoughts from McKenzie, LeBrun and Gulitti

  • TSN: The NHL rejected the NHLPA’s offer yesterday, but Bettman said it was a set in the right direction.

    “There was movement on some issues by the players’ association and that was appreciated,” said Bettman. “But we’re still far apart. Hopefully there will have been some momentum from today’s session that we can build off of to hopefully bring this process to a successful conclusion.”

    “(The players) are suffering right along with the fans,” said Fehr. “We made an enormous move in the owners direction to try and end it — at least as of today that hasn’t been successful.”

    “The players are making enormous concessions to the owners and we want some protection on the downside,” said Fehr.

    The NHLPA didn’t adopt the NHL’s changes to free agency, entry-level contract, arbitration and some other areas.

    “On the big things, there was … no reciprocity in any meaningful sense,” said Fehr. “No movement on the players share. No movement on salary arbitration eligibility. No movement on free agency eligibility. No movement on a pension plan, although they say they’d like to do it.”

    “We went through their proposal point by point,” said Bettman. “We talked about the things that were agreeable, we talked about the things that we could modify, we talked about the things that we had no more room to move on and explained our proposal on each of those elements.”

  • James Mirtle of the Globe and Mail: Breakdown of numbers from the NHLPA proposal. HRR numbers used were based on $2.9 million projected revenue this year, and a 2.5 percent increase in the 2nd year, 5 percent increase each year after that.




    Make whole

    50% share
    & make whole

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  • Tom Gulitti via twitter: Gulitti’s thoughts on yesterday: ” NHLPA made a proposal some in PA weren’t thrilled with, but thought it’d be worth it if NHL accepted much of it and it led to deal. NHL didn’t accept a lot of it, but, like PA thought of NHL’s Oct. 16 proposal, thought it was a good start if they negotiated off it.
  • Bob McKenzie via twitter: “But the NHLPA offer, arguably for the first time, puts the two sides in what I would call the same universe. And that’s a major step forward.”
  • Pierre LeBrun via twitter: LeBrun’s thoughts on yesterday: “Despite NHL response to NHLPA offer, I still feel it was an important step. Ignore the rhetoric and focus on process. The 2 sides got closer today… Deal won’t get done unless NHL is willing to step down on some contracting rights demands. Make Whole $$$ asked for by players will need to go down as well…. But today was not a waste no matter what anybody says.”