NHL still waiting … MSG owner James Dolan willing to join talks … 3 options left of players … No CBA, no draft

  • Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun: The NHL and NHLPA spoke yesterday to discuss ideas on what the ground rules for the player-owner meeting would be. If the players agreed to the meeting, they want some input on who would attend, and they won’t agree to allowing the NHL to make requests on which players are involved.

    “The owners don’t get to choose which players are in the room,” said a league insider Saturday. “If the owners want to talk, the players will listen, but I’m not sure the NHL is going to like what they hear back.”

    It’s believed the NHLPA only wants it to be an exchange of ideas, and not a bargaining session.

  • Larry Brooks of the NY Post: MSG owner James Dolan is willing to join the stalled CBA talks in an effort to help end the NHL lockout. Dolan was a key figure on the NBA negotiating committee last year. It’s not known if he has told Gary Bettman that he’s interested joining the talks. The NHL has only allowed four owners to be involved on the negotiating committee, Jeremy Jacobs (Bos), Ted Leonsis (Was), Murray Edwards (Cal) and Craig Leipold (Min). If the season was lost, the Rangers could lose up to $60 million. The Maple Leafs could lose more than $100 million.
  • Chuck Gormley of CSN Washington: After the failed mediation, there are 3 options left for the players: 1. The players representing themselves 2. The NHLPA filing a disclaimer of interest 3. The players decertifying.
  • Allan Walsh via twitter: If there is no CBA, there is no draft. If the players end up decertifying, holding a draft would be violation against antitrust laws. Corey Pronman via twitter: The NHL held the draft after the new CBA was signed.

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