Talks could resume on Wednesday … Five reasons to have a season … Key points that went unreported

  • Chris Johnston via twitter: Sidney Crosby said he won’t be in the talks when they start up again. Burkle, Vinik, Tanenbaum and Chipman likely won’t either.
  • David Pagnotta via twitter: Bill Daly said there haven’t been any decisions made for the next round of meetings, but the “current thinking” is that the owners won’t be there.
  • Seth Rorabaugh via twitter: Gary Bettman has cancelled 2,224 regular season games, that is more than nine current NHL franchises: Sharks (1608), Lightning and Senators (1528), Ducks and Panthers (1444), Predators (1066), Jets/Thrashers (984) Jackets and Wild (902).
  • Kevin Allen of the USA Today:  Allen gives five reasons why he believes there will be a season: “1. The cards are all on the table. 2. The gap isn’t as wide as it once was. 3. There’s still time for a 48-game schedule. 4. A 10 year CBA could be in everyone’s best interest. 5. There is too much for both sides to lose.”
  • Nick Cotsonika of Yahoo! Sports: Cotsonika notes some key points that went unreported after last week’s meetings:

    • The NHL Players’ Association backed off on its proposal that the players’ share could not go backwards in terms of dollars starting in Year 2. It had been a non-starter for the NHL.

    • The NHLPA suggested a mid-level cap exception. The NHL told the union it was a non-starter. It is unclear whether it is still on the table.

    • The sides did not discuss how the payroll range — the salary cap and floor — would be calculated.