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Mediators will be at today’s meetings … A “sum-zero amnesty buyout” option by Allen … Teams calling employees

  • Tom Gulitti via twitter: The NHL wasn’t interested in having the federal mediators when the NHLPA offered last week, but this week Daly said,  “Different circumstances. Different stage of negotiations.”
  • Larry Brooks of the NY Post: The owners are not looking to include amnesty buyouts in the new CBA. They are looking to bring the salary cap ceiling down from $70.2 to $60 million, more than a 14.5 percent drop. This could pose a big challenge to at least 10 teams. The Flyers would have $7.5 million to fill eight spots after Chris Pronger is put on LTIR. The Canucks would have $4.6 million for 10 roster spots. The Canadiens would be over the cap with seven spots to fill. The Penguins would have $7.4 million for eight spots. The Lightning would have $2.5 million for eight spots. The Bruins would be in big trouble. The Rangers would have $2.7 million for seven players if they are forced to count Wade Redden’s contract. The NHLPA could propose a “sum-zero amnesty buyout.” It could work where it wouldn’t cost the owners a dime outside of the 50-50:

    Players bought out under this program before this season at either one-third or two-thirds depending upon their age could be re-signed only for the difference between the buyout amount and the full contract. The entire amount would count against the players’ collective share but the buyout team would not be charged a cap hit.

  • Greg Wyshynski via twitter: Wyshynski is hearing that two more teams have called their staff back or have them on standby. That is four teams total. This could just be a precaution as things will happen fast if a deal gets done.
  • Josh Rimer via twitter: Roman Hamrlik said he would support the NHLPA voting on the NHLs last offer. Hamrlik on a vote, “maybe this week something is going to happen, we should see how many guys will be with or without them.”