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Players to vote today on disclaimer of interest … NHL asked for all contracts to be void … Barker released

  • AP in the USA Today: Players will start voting today on whether or not they will give the NHLPA’s executive board the authority to dissolve the union. They need a 2/3′s vote in favor to allow the “disclaimer of interest.” The voting process will be done electronically over 5 days, concluding on Thursday. They would have until January 2nd to file the disclaimer.
  • Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun: If the NHLPA wins it’s disclaimer of interest and dissolves, the NHL wants all contracts to be null and void.

    “The NHL requests a declaration that, if the NHLPA’s decertification or disclaimer were not deemed invalid by the NLRB, and the collective bargaining relationship between the parties were not otherwise to continue, all existing contracts between NHL players and NHL teams (known as Standard Player’s Contracts or “SPCs”) would be void and unenforceable,” wrote the league.

    A ‘union’ source said the league may want to be careful with this.

    “Of interest in the court filings is the NHL’s request if it loses on the legality of the lockout to have all player contracts nullified and declared void,” said the source.

    “So, the NHL is asking the courts to declare every NHL player an unrestricted free agent. I wonder how Pittsburgh would feel with (Sidney) Crosby, (Evgeni) Malkin and (Marc-Andre) Fleury on the free agent market to sign with the highest bidder? What about Tampa with (Steve) Stamkos? Or Minnesota with (Zach) Parise and (Ryan) Suter? A word of caution to the NHL, be very careful what you wish for.”

  • Darren Dreger via twitter: “As players enter next stage of disclaimer of interest, NHL says its litigation is defensive + resolution can only come from negotiating. Problem with that…neither side seems too keen on getting back in the boardroom or making the next move. CBA term, contract length remain key issues,but, PA favors a $67.25 million cap,compliance buyouts and a cap on escrow.Huge hurdles for NHL.
  • Andy Strickland via twitter: According to sources, the city of St. Louis loses approximately $50,000 per home game in direct tax revenue.
  • Terry Jones via twitter: If Friday’s NHL-NHLPA lawyer ‘jamboree’ ends the season, we could be down to 24 teams sooner than later.
  • Texas Stars Hockey: The Texas Stars released Cam Barker from his professional tryout contract. Barker had signed a 25 game PTO in October. He played in 23 games, recording 3 goals and 5 assists, with 24 penalty minutes. He did lead the team with 66 shots on goal.

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  1. Patrick

    December 16, 2012 at 3:51 pm

    Cam Barker is now officially a dud. Might be better to call it quits that bounce around the minors.