NHL reviewing 28 page offer, will get back to them this morning … League executive furious at Bettman

  • Jonas Siegel of TSN: The NHLPA submitted a “comprehensive” proposal to the NHL yesterday afternoon. Gary Bettman said that the NHL would study the offer and get back to Don Fehr this morning.

    “Their response was a comprehensive one, dealing with the full slate of issues that we raised and proposals that we put forth,” said Bettman, amidst a horde of passersby eager to ring in the New Year. “We’re in the process of reviewing their response.”

    Fehr said they moved off their last offer, but wouldn’t provide any details of the offer.

  • Kevin Allen of the USA Today: Players who were at yesterday’s meetings included: Ron Hainsey, Chris Campoli, Jamal Mayers, Rick DiPietro, Martin St. Louis and eventually Shane Doan. The group showed up at the NHL office shortly after 2:00 PM, and had left before 5:00 PM.

    “There was an opportunity for the players association to highlight the areas that they thought we should focus on,” Bettman said. “Now that is something we have to look at very closely.”

  • John Shannon via twitter: The NHLPA’s proposal was 26 pages long compared to the NHL’s 288 page offer. May lead you to think there might be some common ground.
  • Ken Campbell via twitter: Campbell has heard that part of the PA’s proposal is that the PA will try to get future expansion and relocation fees part of HRR. David Shoalts via twitter: Was told PA never considered or discussed asking for future expansion or relocation money.
  • John Shannon via twitter: A team executive said that he’s been hearing that the players were impressed with the Bettman’s demeanor last night.
  • Katie Strang via twitter: Fehr would not speculate as to whether the two sides were any closer or characterize the league’s response.
  • Tracey Myers via twitter: Bettman: “We need to drop the puck by Jan. 19 if we’re going to play a 48-game season.”
  • Allan Walsh via twitter: A furious team executive told Walsh yesterday morning that Bettman because he refuses to consult or update teams on the negotiations. The executive said they only get skeleton memos with no real info. Added that he gets all his info from his players. He is furious that the guys who build teams, and that know the business inside and out are completely frozen out by Bettman. Executive added: “Do you understand how infuriating it is for me to have to call a player for a negotiation update? We don’t know what’s in the 288 pages the league proposed. Every one of my players do.”