NHL responds with another counter offer … If sides aren’t far apart, NHLPA won’t file disclaimer

  • David Alter via twitter: Fehr said they received a comprehensive response from the NHL and hopes to respond to them [today]. Renaud Lavoie via twitter: The NHL and NHLPA will speak on the phone this morning and will decide when to meet. Gary Bettman: “we anticipate being back together tomorrow.”
  • TSN: The NHL made another proposal last night, giving a 30 minute presentation on it.

    “They did make a comprehensive response to what we gave them,” players’ association executive director Donald Fehr said. “We asked a couple of questions. Now what we have to do is go through the document, try to make some sense out of it, compare it and see what the appropriate thing is to do next.”

    Gary Bettman wouldn’t give any details of their latest offer.

    “There were certain things that the players’ association asked for that we agreed to, there were some things that we moved in their direction, and there were other things that we said no,” he said. “That’s part of the process.”

  • NHLPA via twitter: Players in meetings: Craig Adams, Chris Campoli, Mathieu Darche, Rick DiPietro, Shane Doan, Andrew Ference, Ron Hainsey, Jamal Mayers & Martin St. Louis.
  • Eric Macramalla via twitter: “The players have authorized the #NHLPA to disclaim interest by tomorrow; however if NHLPA doesn’t it can do it later – no real deadline. NHLPA will only disclaim interest if it believes the sides are too far apart;Fehr has said they are close – so would be a surprise to see it. A precursor to a disclaimer is union statements like “we are just too far apart” and “this just isn’t going to get done”; haven’t heard that. So if the sides are close to a deal, don’t expect the NHLPA to disclaim interest by Jan 2 deadline; but if deal not close expect disclaimer. So disclaimer threat may act as catalyst to get a deal done – NHLPA will not hold another player vote authorizing disclaimer – now or never. There are still big issues that need resolving like the cap in 2013, escrow and make whole – this is a concern #nhl #nhlpa. On bad faith disclaimer issue – Fehr may have said sides are close – however Bettman has said they have been far apart – so may help PA. If Fehr dissolves NHLPA it may not be re-formed and may stay trade association – this may not be same as NBPA and NFLPA.”