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BOG to vote on Wednesday … Memo about camp and schedule … NHLPA wanted expansion … Entry level players have to share a room

  • Elliotte Friendman via twitter: The NHL sent a memo to teams indicating that there will be no training camps before Saturday and may not open until Monday. A 48 game season could start on January 19th.
  • Chris Johnston via twitter: Any NHL contract that is over $900,000 will count against the salary cap if sent to the minors. One-way deals that are minimum salary plus $375,000 are exempt from the salary cap.
  • Tim Panaccio via twitter: Bill Daly confirmed that you can’t use a compliance buyout on a player who has LTIR, status such as Chris Pronger.
  • Gary Lawless via twitter: Confirms that realignment is not part of the CBA. The Jets will be in the Eastern Conference this year, with the NHL looking at realignment for next season.
  • Chris Kuc via twitter: Players had a conference call yesterday afternoon to go over the details of the CBA.