Bruins owner Jacobs talks about the lockout … Bettman meets with Katz Group and City

  • Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globe: Bruins owner said didn’t want a lockout, but thought it was necessary to get the game on strong fiscal ground.

    “I am coming off winning a Stanley Cup [in June 2011]. I’ve got a sold-out building. I have a financially sound business — no debt. I’ve owned [the team] for 37 years. I’m the last guy that wants to shut this down. I don’t want this to shut down.

    “Unfortunately, I play in a league with 30 teams and when I step back and look what’s going on with the broadest sense of the league, I’ve got to play a role that is constructive. My selfish interest was definitely to keep this going within the parameters of the deal that was out there. But it [didn’t] make sense for the league, long-term.

    “We have a lot of people [among the 30 ownership groups] that were tired of this. A lot of people were promised that we would try to right-size this. And I had to play a role in it.

    “To be vilified, I don’t think is right, but . . . what’s my opinion on something like that?’’

    Jacobs thinks the lockout blame should fall on the players.

    “They had no expression or desire to make a deal,’’ he said, later adding, “if someone doesn’t engage, you don’t offer.’’

    “Nobody won,’’ said Jacobs. “But more importantly, no one lost.’’

  • John Shannon via twitter: Shannon confirms that Gary Bettman was in Edmonton on Friday. He had meetings with the Katz Group and the City about the new arena. There will be a council briefing on Wednesday.


  1. D

    January 21, 2013 at 8:51 am

    nobody lost? you mean neither the players nor the owners lost. WE THE FANS were the big losers in this one. from the horses mouth

  2. AK47

    January 21, 2013 at 3:06 pm

    Jacobs is a joke! He was the driving force behind the lockout. All he wanted was more profit for himself. You think he cares about the hundreds of people that rely on the jobs the Bruins create, or the fans that pay all their hard earned money to see them play? Now trying to play the nice guy because he is getting hammered in the media. What a joke.