Potential deal in place for Luongo … Luongo market shrinking … Free Agent notes on O’Reilly, Benn and Subban

  • Cam Cole of the Vancouver Sun: When asked why he hasn’t traded Roberto Luongo already, Canucks GM Mike Gillis said:

    “Roberto has a no-trade, so in discussions prior to the lockout, he had a say in where he was prepared to go. Once the lockout starts, you’re not permitted to even talk about player transactions, subject to huge fines and loss of draft picks. Then the lockout ends and suddenly, you’re trying to make a decision in four or five days about a premier player in this league, and it’s tough to make a trade of this magnitude in eight months, let alone four days. So we have him here, and we’re happy having him here.

    “There wasn’t really time to do anything but this. And we’re going to let it play out. Lots of stuff is going to happen here in the first month.”

    Gillis added that they have a potential deal in place for Luongo, but it may not happen.

    “We have a potential deal in place with one team that has to do something with another player that they have — and it’s not who anybody thinks it is — and so we have to wait. (But) we’ve been offered packages that don’t fit what our plan is, what we need,” said Gillis.

    “Excess salary coming back with a [throw-in] player who can’t play in our lineup. They say, ‘OK, we’ll do this, but you’ve got to take this.’ Well, we’re not taking it. We’ve had lots of proposals like that with good pieces that can help us but the other part doesn’t help us, and oftentimes they have term attached to them, so we’d just be turning around and buying out a guy.

    “I’d rather keep the guy we know, who’s a good person.”

  • Steve Simmons via twitter: Simmons confirms that the potential deal in place (noted above) doesn’t involve the Maple Leafs.
  • Mike Chambers of the Denver Post: Ryan O’Reilly’s agent, Mark Guy, said yesterday that O’Reilly isn’t looking for a short-term deal at $5 million season. Guy wouldn’t comment on what has been offered or how far apart they are.

    “People report numbers without any mention of term and it is just as important a consideration,” agent Guy wrote in a text message.

    “It is not accurate to say a player wants X dollars without factoring the term, (and) any suggestion that Ryan is asking for $5 million on a deal similar to (Matt) Duchene is completely inaccurate,” Guy said.

  • Elliotte Friedman of CBC: Friedman looks at 3 remaining restricted free agents. Jamie Benn: Friedman guesses his deal gets done first. Benn’s agent has said he wants a 3 to 5  year deal, the Stars are looking for a longer deal. Benn is w0uld be a UFA in 4 years. Money is also an issue. Jeff Skinner’s 6 year, $34 million contract with the Hurricanes is proving to be a problem for the Stars. Ryan O’Reilly: O’Reilly remains in Russia. He led the Avalanche with 55 points last year, and can play at both ends of the ice. How to quantify a player like O’Reilly is tough to do. He’s 4 years away from being a UFA. P.K. Subban: The Canadiens are thinking “Let’s go short-term and not too high.” Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin recognizes that Subban’s skill set isn’t easy to find.It would take a brave owner to sign one of these three to an offer sheet. The Canadiens will have to decide soon if they will keep Alexander Galchenyuk up or burn a year of his contract. Senators coach Paul MacLean doesn’t want Daniel Alfredsson to play in all 48 games. Maple Leafs Nazem Kadri’s play has caused them to pull their offer for Luongo off the table. The market for Luongo is shrinking, and with the Canucks injuries, teams will “throw you anvils instead of lifejackets.” When Brodeur’s future with the Devil’s was uncertain, they inquired about Luongo. Friedman wonders if the Flyers would be interested in defenseman Chris Campoli.
  • John Hoven via twitter: Hoven thinks that Kings Simon Gagne is more likely to be traded for help on blueline than Jonathan Bernier.


  1. Patrick

    January 22, 2013 at 9:16 am

    I’m surprised Gillis didn’t try to claim that there were too many teams involved. He seems pretty delusional about this whole thing.

  2. Bobandy

    January 22, 2013 at 10:09 am

    I’m sure we can probably come close to figuring this all out. If the team that the trade is with needs to make a move first, one has to assume that it’s a team that’s close to the cap. Teams that have under $7 million in space include: Montreal, Buffalo, Calgary, the Rangers, Chicago, San Jose, Minnesota, Philly, and the Caps. If we take out all of the teams with solid starters, we’re left with the Sharks, Hawks, Caps, and possibly the Flyers. I can’t imagine the Sharks would try to make a play for him since they’ve been content with mediocre goaltending for a long time, and the Hawks have a habit of being in tight series with the Canucks, so I can’t imagine them sending him there. That leaves the Caps and Flyers. Obviously Ed Snyder is bonkers and could potentially try and pull something big off, but I can see the Caps and their boatload of young talent trying to make a move here. Since Kolzig left, they’ve never really had a number one.

  3. Sean

    January 22, 2013 at 11:17 am

    Holy, as a fan, even I’m sick of GM Gillis running up the price for Luongo. I dont know what type of player he thinks he has, or what type of package he wants in return, but c’mon. The player doesnt want to play there, he’s told the entire league that. How can you expect other teams to gut their rosters in order to pick up an unhappy player. Not to mention, if they have him in a backup role all season, what is the value for a good backup goalie with a $6-million per year contract? Gimme a break–no wonder the Canucks have been consistently getting worse and overpayed since Nonis left.

  4. Jeff

    January 22, 2013 at 12:53 pm

    Is it the blackhawks?

  5. Jeff

    January 22, 2013 at 12:55 pm

    I think he is right, that the lockout really made it difficult for the team to sort this. Should have traded him at the draft.

  6. hotwings

    January 22, 2013 at 2:27 pm

    its the curse of the long term contract… glad burke , (r.i.p.) was so vehemently against them. gilles/canucks deserve to be in the situation they are in.. the dealt w/ the devil and now they are burning in hells unforgivable abyss…

  7. Ken

    January 22, 2013 at 9:26 pm

    You guys are mostly just haters. Gillis is only asking for someone who would fit this team. Wouldn’t you try to get the best player(s) you could? So hypocritical! If Luongo wasnt worth anything the media wouldn’t be talking so much about him.

  8. Bobby-Lou

    January 22, 2013 at 10:09 pm

    Gillis make the trade that brings the Stanley Cup to Vancouver!!!!!!!

  9. Canuck57

    February 7, 2013 at 4:31 pm

    #3: “Gimme a break–no wonder the Canucks have been consistently getting worse and overpayed since Nonis left.”

    Huh? I don’t quite recall Burke or Nonis bringing the Canucks to the Stanley Cup finals. I think Gillis has done a pretty good job building this team to compete. I’m also sure that if he does indeed trade Luongo you will see at least two players that come to Vancouver who will help them go deep in the playoffs again.