Avs-O’Reilly still far apart, trade looming? Despres available … Luongo waits … Coyotes dealine Thurs. … NHL expansion

  • Adrian Dater of the Denver Post: Dater notes that Avalanche fans may need to start contemplating the future of the team without center Ryan O’Reilly. The Avs and O’Reilly remain about $8 million apart on a long-term contract. A ‘bridge’ deal is possible, but they still vary on value. The Avs still have a 2 year, $7 million offer on the table. O’Reilly’s agent, Mark Guy, has disputed that he wants $5 million on a shorter deal, but there is no doubt he wants at least $4 million. On why they can’t go from $3.5 million up to the $4 million, or even $4.5 million with almost $18 million in cap room? Because they are stubborn, often displaying a “take it or leave it” mentality when they decide what a players worth in their minds. The Avalanche don’t want to trade him, but there is a list of players who have left after butting heads on money. Dater wonders if they should trade him or let him sit out the season? They could get something good for him, but would they be able to get something better later on? The best solution to Dater is to a get a deal done.
  • Rob Rossi of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Rossi is hearing rumblings that the Penguins are looking for a winger, but nothing is close. Defenseman Simon Despres is available for the right price. The question is, is that price a veteran winger with short-tern future, or are they looking for the next James Neal type deal.
  • Ben Kuzma of the Vancouver Province: Roberto Luongo on still being a Canuck, and how it’s not easy to be in the backup role.

    “Of course, but I’ve put my ego aside here and I’m trying to work hard and do my best and be ready,” he’s said. “We all know, and it goes without saying, that both Cory and I want to play. We’re competitors but I’m not going to put myself ahead of the team.”

    Until GM Mike Gillis is able to a get a deal done and then able to ask Luongo about waiving he no-trade clause.

    “That’s what I told him,” said Luongo. “I don’t really want to be bothered on a day-to-day basis with that stuff and I’ve pretty much given him the green light to do whatever.”

  • Paul Giblin of the Arizona Republic: Glendale officials have no idea if potential Coyotes owner, Greg Jamison, will purchase the team by the deadline on Thursday. He needs to buy the Coyotes by then to secure the 20-year lease. If a deal isn’t reached by then, the lease agreement expire. The new council is not expected to extended the offer if Jamison can’t get a deal done in time. The current deal sees Jamison getting an average of $15 million a year for 20 years as part of a management agreement. New Glendale Mayor, Jerry Weiers has his doubts if it can get done by Thursday.

    “For the life of me, I can’t figure why, if everything is lined up, if he’s got the money in hand, why would he postpone this? That’s the only thing I haven’t been able to figure out,” Weiers said. “What would be the purpose of delaying it?”

    Jamison said last week,

    “We’re aware of what we have to do to get this closed. We’re working very hard to get there. So far, the anticipation is that we will get there. That’s kind of where we’re at, at the moment, and I probably wouldn’t take it much further than that.”

  • Allan Walsh via twitter: NHL expansion is happening. It’s has been on the NHL’s agenda since the lockout ended.


  1. richard confiant

    January 28, 2013 at 8:59 am

    nhl expansion they said in the last lockout they couldn’t make it with cap at 42 they wanted 39 they lost season then they played the cap goes up to 53 the next year for pitts could keep crosby. then it wented up to 70 now and now they say they want 60 the cap. you know what it is is some team don’t want to go out pay for these big players the cap is a joke what is going on is they are trying to promote american hockey till canada take back there game canada should watch movies .

  2. Galactus

    January 28, 2013 at 9:25 am

    @richard confiant : I re-read your comment twice. I just hope that English is NOT your mother tongue. Really really really hard to follow. You are allowed to use CAPITAL letters you know.

  3. Patrick

    January 28, 2013 at 2:22 pm

    Yeah Richard I’m going to have to agree with Galactus. I don’t know what they hell you’re talking about.

  4. Mike

    January 28, 2013 at 3:22 pm

    Would the Penguins be interested in Andrei Kostitsyn?

  5. Poutine thighs

    January 28, 2013 at 4:01 pm

    Richard confiant…I’m a sports fan with a glass half full, love humanity type of guy. Until I read the nonsense that you took the time type. Next time you want to put a thought down- have a point. I know retards are allowed access to computers from time to time. You clearly should be kept away from microwaves, computers and likely all things metal. Here’s hoping that you don’t ever spawn kids.