Market value for Timonen … A Blue Jackets rant … Visnovsky to join Isles … Campoli to Switzerland

  • Bill Meltzer via twitter: On Kimmo Timonen’s reported 1 year, $6 million contract. He got market value, considering the factors: “1) Defensemen leaguewide command a premium. A four-time All-Star, regardless of age, commands an ultra-high premium. 2) Timonen was the best remaining potential UFA Dman. He brings more all-around than Gonchar, Hainsey, Streit, Visnovsky, Regehr, etc. 3) It’s not ideal that Timonen, at age 38 with a lot of wear-and-tear, is still Flyers most important Dman. But that’s the reality. He is. 4) Hometown discounts don’t really exist anyway, but especially not after two NHL lockouts. Timonen got his market value. 5) Flyers have ended up losing 3 UFAs with whom they waited until after season to try to negotiate extension — and found price had jumped.
  • Aaron Portzline via twitter: Portzline goes on a little Blue Jackets rant: “Many expected #CBJ to be 3-6-2, or about that, to this point. Were they expected to thrive? No. But they lack – or defy – defintion so far. Only line or pair that has played w definiton/purpose has been 4th. Other lines just sporadic bursts, the pairs wildly inconsistent. Go ahead & demote Johansen to minors/bench Brassard, if need be. But hard to grasp how Umberger – really struggling – leads Fs in ice time. Biggest question is … who are these guys, what is this team, where are they going? Very aimless. John Davidson scratching his head. Had NHL coach ask me two weeks ago: “How are the new guys fitting in?” Me: “Far as I can tell, good.” Him: “Oh. That’s too bad.” Me: “Meaning … ” Him: “They weren’t brought in to join the group, but to change it.” His point: gotta get ugly to change course sometime.” Many #CBJ fans feel stuck in black hole: UFAs not interested (unless gonzo ocerpaid); draft picks never pan out; good players lose mojo … What will break the cycle? Gotta be something seismic, something that may seem troublesome at the time. Who are these guys?”