Do the Avs have a problem doing business with players? Ryan O’Reilly counterargument

  • Adrien Dater of the Denver Post: There has been no negotiations going on between the Avalanche and O’Reilly. They had hoped to re-sign him and had no intentions of trading him. Things have changed and it’s a virtual certainty that he’ll be traded now. What the Avalanche will get in return is the only question now. Darren Dreger said the Avalanche are asking for a roster player and a top prospect. The Avalanche won’t confirm what they are looking for. Dater notes that there is more to this story, but he has an agreement not to say anything until a trade happens. Dater asks the question if the Avalanche have a major problem with the way they do business with their players? Craig Anderson and Ian Laperriere were surprised how they were lowballed and treated, with the Avs unwilling to talk and negotiate. The Avs lowballed Tomas Fleischmann, and gave him a take it or leave deal. He left. Same could be said for Peter Mueller.
  • Adrian Dater of the Denver Post: Dater provides a counterargument for O’Reilly. He wants to be paid like a 30 goal scorer but has only scored 39 goals in 3 years. 18 goals is his career high. Players who score 15-20 goals a year and steal pucks are not $5 million a year players. He’s basing his $5 million demands on one good year. Dater points out that if he’s as good as he wants to be paid, to take a 1 or 2 year deal at lesser money and prove he’s worth it. He’d then be arbitration eligible, and would have that option. His best year came when playing beside rookie Gabriel Landeskog, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” O’Reilly’s camp has been ridiculing Matt Duchene (his friend and teammate) for taking lower contract (2 years, $7 million) and setting the floor too low.
  • Josh Rimer via twitter: The Maple Leafs have contacted Avalanche GM Greg Sherman about Ryan O’Reilly, but so have many others.