NHL still wants to keep the Coyotes in Glendale, but looking at relocation

  • Darren Dreger: The NHL is still trying to keep the Coyotes in Glendale. A relocation decision could take place before the playoffs though. Quebec City, Seattle and Kansas City are the possible relocation sites. Quebec City may be the best fit, but would create conference issues. The NHL will continue to meet with prospective buyers. Time is running out, relocation must be considered.
  • Joey Vendetta: Would bet on Kansas City. Potential owners are already in talks. Quebec City and Seattle would generate the expansion money that Kansas City wouldn’t.
  • Louis Jean: Bill Daly on relocation: “Not anything we have considered to this point. Still focused on getting a deal done in Phx.”
  • John Shannon: Shannan is hearing there could be a new of Canadian investors looking at the Coyotes. They’ve been in contact with the NHL and are the lead group at this time. Key people involved are Anthony Leblanc and George Gosbee. Gosbee is the head of AltaCorp Capital and Vice Chair of AIMco, a $70 billion investment fund. They could be finalizing a proposal.