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Free Agent news: Streit, Couture, Nilstorp, Scandella and Eriksson

  • Darren Dreger: Mark Streit’s deal with the Flyers is for 4 years at $5.25 million per season.
  • Bob McKenzie: Streit’s deal in an over 35 contract, so if he retires before the contract expires, it still counts against the cap.
  • Tim Panaccio: Streit’s agent said “no” progress to report on Streit deal as the Flyers need to move out salary because of “tagging.” Frank Seravalli: Can’t sign Streit now as they exceed the cap by more than 10%. Tim Panaccio: Look for at least one buyout and a trade if the Flyers can’t do two buyouts.
  • Brodie Brazil of CSN Bay Area: The San Jose Sharks have signed center Logan Couture to a five year contract extension. Couture has one year left on his deal with a $3 million salary.
  • Chris Nichols: The Stars have re-signed goalie Cristopher Nilstorp to a year, two-way deal.
  • Brad Ziemer: Joacim Eriksson’s deal with the Canucks is a two-way deal, $925,000 in the NHL and $70,000 in the minors.