Buyout Hits: New Rule, Vinny, Avalanche, Luongo, Horcoff, Oilers, Bruins, Canes, Flames and Canucks

  • Larry Brooks: The NHL has let teams know that the league will not allow a player to be traded, amnestied and the to re-sign with the original club. It would be considered cap circumvention(likely stemming from the rumors of the Leafs trading for Vincent Lecavalier in a deal involving the No. 3 pick, buying Vinny out and then him re-signing with the Lightning for much less).
  • Damian Cristodero: Vincent Lecavalier’s agent on the chance he’s bought out: ‘We understand it’s something they might be contemplating’
  • Adrian Dater of the Denver Post: The Avalanche will not use any compliance buyouts this year. David Jones was the most likely candidate to bought out, as he has three years at $4 million per season left. Shane O’Brien has two years and $2 million per left and could have been another option.
  • James Mirtle: Mirtle can’t see the Canucks buying out Roberto Luongo for $27 million. There has to be way to trade him, even if they have to eat some of his salary.
  • Mark Spector: The Oilers won’t use a compliance buyout on Shawn Horcoff. Doesn’t mean they won’t use one on someone else.
  • Joe Haggerty: A team source is saying the Bruins won’t use any of their compliance buyouts.
  • Chip Alexander: Hurriances GM Jim Rutherford said yesterday that they don’t expect to use any of their compliance buyouts.
  • Mark Spector: Flames GM Jay Feaster confirms that they won’t be using any compliance buyouts this year.
  • Brad Ziemer: Canucks GM Mike Gillis said there has been no decision made on compliance buyouts yet.


  1. Forward thinker

    06/26/2013 at 3:19 pm

    The best option for the Canucks would be to keep Luongo and trade Schnieder. They have three potential backups to watch over the next four years and could use Luongo to mentor them as he did with Schnieder. They would lose very little in the goal tending he would bring compared to Cory and they could easily trade Cory to any number of teams and get gret return. Luongo could remain a starter for at least four more years then his contract will not look so bad when it is time to trade him.
    With a new coach and assured to be number one for four more years, I am sure he would be happy.

  2. tiedummy

    06/26/2013 at 8:08 pm

    agree this makes sense..then trade Schneider for
    nino and matt martin,,throw in Higgins who can not play for torts