Free Agent Hits II: Jagr, Penner, Hejduk, Grabovski, Brodie and Backlund

Chris Johnson: Jaromir Jagr’s camp feel the Canadiens are no longer interested. Other teams are making offers. Jagr thinks he has a couple years left, but is fine with signing one year deals. John Boruk: Jagr’s agent said that he’d love to return to Philadelphia but would have to take a discount to make that happen.

Bob Stauffer: He would be “stunned” if Dustin Penner ended up back with the Oilers, but he would look into it as an option.

Bob Stauffer: Getting asked about Mikhail Grabovski. Is a good player, but doesn’t see a fit with the Oilers.

Adrian Dater: It’s possible that Milan Hejduk plays with someone other than with the Avalanche next season as there doesn’t seem to be a fit with the Avs anymore.

“He wants to keep playing,” Hejduk’s agent, Jiri Crha said Monday in a phone interview. “If there is any team that really wants to use him for his offensive skills, he still believes he could do it.”

“They are very honest about their different plans. They don’t believe he can play in their top six of forwards,” Crha said. “We just saw a player (Daniel Alfredsson in Ottawa) who left after 17 years with the same team. That’s the reality of the hockey life.”

Kevin McGran of the Toronto Star: Several teams are interested in Mikhail Grabovski according to his agent Gary Greenstin.

“I have several teams talking to Grabovksi,” said agent Gary Greenstin. “We’ll see what direction we go.

“He’s not worried.”

Greenstin thinks the Maple Leafs mismanaged him.

“The team mismanaged him,” said Greenstin. “He was able to do a lot for the team.”

Todd Cordell of HockeyBuzz: Flames GM Jay Feaster on contract talks with TJ Brodie and Mikael Backlund.

“We have begun contract negotiations with both of them,” Feaster told me via email.

“(We have) more urgency (with Backlund) than Brodie because Backlund has rights to salary arbitration,” said Feaster. “If we do not reach a negotiated agreement prior to the filing deadline we are certain Backlund will file for salary arbitration and we will be ensured of getting an agreement with him either negotiated or via arbitration.”

“We’ve begun negotiations with Brodie and will advance that process in a timely fashion.”


  1. Jeff

    July 9, 2013 at 8:36 am

    I wonder if Penner goes very cheaply to a contender.

  2. Imran

    July 9, 2013 at 2:42 pm

    I wouldn’t consider Grabo right now if I were a GM because of the remarks/stunt he pulled…chemistry is a big thing.

  3. david the jew

    July 9, 2013 at 9:12 pm

    Imran, stick to digging in the sand
    grabovski is an excellent player who fell victim to a stubborn coach and previously a panicked manager (Burke) Why cant he speak his mind?
    Do you now want to stone him for speaking out?

  4. Imran

    July 9, 2013 at 9:40 pm

    Wait…lol….did you just “stone” me for speaking my mind…oooo…first off keep your panties on cus you speak of stones but looks like there is a brick in your head…there is a reason grabovski is still unsigned….st. Louis signed Roy over him, go figure….. so go back to counting pennies like grabovski is doing with the 14million he’s gonna make with the buyout…Carlyle is not stupid he has a cup ring….I’d continue this battle of wits with you but you seemed severely unarmed…adios..