Franson Fallout for the Maple Leafs and Other Teams

  • Pierre LeBrun: “Technically speaking, told that Leafs could be cap compliant on opening night without a trade but it would mean bare bones roster (20). Obviously the more comfortable option would be a trade. Liles is most obvious guy to move but very little interest in that contract. Said an NHL team exec from another team: “They’ll be getting lots of calls now for sure because everyone knows their cap situation.” Key moment in the week could be Sunday, last day to put guys on waivers before Monday’s deadline to be cap compliant for opening day. Lots of teams, not just Toronto, likely will try to slide a number of guys on waivers that day… should be interesting.”
  • Mark Masters: Cody Franson:

     ‘It’s just business. They have a job to do … This is my dream place to play.’

  • James Mirtle: Franson’s signing makes it difficult to keep Morgan Rielly around. The Leafs would have to make a trade to keep both.

About $925,000 of Liles salary can be buried if they send him to the minors. The remainder counts against the Maple Leafs cap. Liles has a cap hit of $3,875,000, salary of $4,250,000.


  1. hughie

    September 26, 2013 at 3:37 pm

    Actually only $925k of Liles salary can be buried, not the other way around.

  2. Chris

    September 26, 2013 at 3:59 pm

    Here’s how it works: A player’s salary can be ‘buried’ up to the following calculation: Leage minimum + 330k. This year it’s abou 925k. If the Leafs waive and bury Holzer (which they will) they are only 200k away from the Cap. If they bury Trevor Smith (which they will) they have 300k in cap space. They will only have cap trouble if they want to keep Ashton and Rielly. With Clarkson off the roster and Smith sent down they would have a 21 man roster. Here’s where it gets interesting. They can ‘bury’ 900k of Liles’s contract and bounce him back and fourth between the Marlies and the Leafs and bounce him back and fourth. What happens is that every day he’s with the Marlies the Leafs gain a bit of cap space. Since he’s on a one way deal Liles would get paid his full salary and he’d only have to ‘report’ to the Marlies. He wouldn’t even have to play. THe same thing could be done with Ashton because he doesn’t require waivers the entire cap hit gets removed (he’s on his entry level). So if they can’t make a trade, the Leafs will probably open the season with a 20 man roster and then call guys up on game days. It will get easier when Clarkson gets back because he counts against the cap regardless.