Injury Notes: Rinne, Skinner, Tanguay and Bolland

  • Josh Rimer: Nick Kypreos reported that Predators Pekka Rinne has an E.Coli infection in his hip and will likely be out six to eight weeks.
  • Chip Alexander: Hurricanes Coach Kirk Muller said that there is no update on Jeff Skinner’s medical tests yet. He is returning to Releigh from New York.
  • Adrian Dater: Avalanche’s Alex Tanguay will miss more than two weeks.
  • James Mirtle of the Globe and Mail: Maple Leafs Dave Bollandwill likely be out months after surgery to repair “a severed tendon on the outside of his left ankle.”

    “It’s too early to say,” Carlyle said of how long he will be out. “They don’t really give you that. They’ll say that it’s five months and then we hope it’s two. We don’t really know until the healing process starts and they’ll do an assessment. Then we’ll get more tightened in on the time frame for you.”

    ER doctor, Jo Innes, said recovery is usually three to four months depending on the severity of the cut.