Rumor: The Flyers Are Talking To The Oilers About Jordan Eberle

2:51 PM

  • Darren Dreger: In the eyes of Oilers management, Jordan Eberle will be an Oiler forever. He’s not a trade target.
  • Tim Panaccio: It’s GM Paul Holmgren’s job to look for anyone he thinks can be an impact player, even if the other team says ‘no’.

2:31 PM

  • Tim Panaccio: Panaccio has been told that the Flyers are talking with the Oilers about Jordan Eberle. Callups from the AHL or small trades won’t turn the Flyers around, it has to be an impact deal.
  • Jonathan Willis: There isn’t a Flyers defenseman worth Jordan Eberle, only forwards.
  • Joe Yerdon: Yerdon wonders why the Flyers would talk with the Oilers as they don’t have the defenseman they’re looking for.
  • Bruce Arthur: If they are talking: “it could be a panic-incompetence-sell-low singularity.”
  • Greg Wyshynski: Wyshynski wonders why the Oilers wouldn’t pick from the Panthers who have defensmen and a goalie.
  • Greg Wyshynski: “HEADLINE: Flyers Talking Eberle W/ Oilers ACTUAL CONVERSATION: “Can we haz Ebz?” “You haz defenderman we needz?” “LOL NOES!!!1!” “*click*””


  1. hotwings

    11/08/2013 at 2:59 pm

    MacT needs to stop hitting the panic button. They are done for the year. No playoffs sorry. You can’t make drastic changes at this point and roll the dice on getting into the playoffs — most likely wont happen.

    Keep it simple MacT — grab another top 5 pick and gear up for free agency and be patient with a trade to help your D+Goalies.

    If Philly can pry Eberle out of Edmonton, I can only hope Edmonton is getting their first round pick this year — if not, then it seems anyway you slice it, Edmonton will pull the trigger on a bad trade when you look at the Flyers D and potential bodies involved (Coburn, Schenn).

  2. Yahweh's Messenger

    11/08/2013 at 3:12 pm

    J Schultz and Eberle for B Schenn,Simmonds and Coburn . I say just do it.

  3. Sterling VanDerwerker

    11/08/2013 at 4:55 pm

    tell the flyers to call the Wings for Johan Fransen.