Morning NHL Rumors Involving Over Half of the League

  • Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun: Flames Mike Cammalleri may be the most likely player at the trade deadline to be on the move. Brian Burke is getting calls from contenders about Cammalleri. The Kings, Canucks and Red Wings are believed to have interest. The Canadiens could also look at bringing him back.Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff is working the phones. He’s listening to offers for Dustin Byfuglien, and has been talking to teams about Evander Kane. One executive said: “you’d be nuts to give up on young players. You just have to live with their growing pains.”

    The Sabres are expected to make one last attempt to re-sign Ryan Miller before the Olympic roster freeze.

    Both Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau are close to signing contract extensions with the Sharks. Their deals will be close to their $7 million and $6.9 million deals. The Sharks could listen to offers for Dan Boyle, including the Rangers, but isn’t he’s not expected to be traded.

    Leafs GM Dave Nonis is listening to offers for Nazem Kadri and Jake Gardiner. He might be trying to spark Kadri’s play with having his name out there in trade talk. The Flames could be interested both Kadri and Gardiner, and could put a package together that the Leafs might like.

    Predators GM David Poile is listening to offers on David Legwand.

    The Coyotes are believed to have called the Stars about Ray Whitney as they look for scoring.

    Panthers GM Dale Tallon might find a taker for Tomas Fleischmann by the trade deadline.

    Blue Jackets GM Jarmo Kekelainen may have had talks with Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford. Basically every player on the Hurricanes rosters is believed to be available, except for Eric and Jordan Staal and Jeff Skinner. The Blue Jackets need depth and are interested in Tuomo Ruutu.

  • Larry Brooks of the NY Post: Brooks wonders if the Rangers would trade Carl Hagelin in a deal for Jets Andrew Ladd.

    Devils GM Lou Lamoriello is trying to sign Marek Malik.Olli Jokinen may be one of the more sought have trade rentals at the deadline.

    Sabres Steve Ott would be bring a lot to a contender, though they would likely to overpay to get him.

    Rangers options with Dan Girardi: “A) signing the first-pair right defenseman to a contract extension, or B) dealing him as a rental property to a contender such as the Bruins or Ducks for a package of blue-chip youngsters; the only undeniably wrong answer is, C) keeping Girardi only to have him walk for nothing in return as an unrestricted free agent on July 1.

  • Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun: Penguins GM Ray Shero said he agreed with the Bruins for allowing Zdeno Chara to carry the flag for Slovakia. On if Sidney Crosby was asked to carry Canada’s flag: “Hard to turn down that opportunity,” Shero wrote. “Agreed with Boston on letting (Chara) go.”

    Two General Managers on trade talk:  “It’s really heating up,” one said. Said another: “I can’t remember it being so quiet. It’s eerily quiet.”There are a large number of teams that could be interested Nazem Kadri. The Leafs haven’t put up a “For Sale” sign, but are listening. Management isn’t saying much, but it’s believed if they get a fair offer for him, they would move him without hesitation. The question for the Leafs is, what do they think fair value is?

  • Slava Malamud: Capitals prospect Evgeny Kuznetsov to Sport-Express: “I will not stay in KHL even for $10 million. I gave my word to #Caps and will keep it”


  1. leafsfan (905) 420

    January 19, 2014 at 10:56 am

    Unless its something along the lines of kadri for e.kane I’ll repeat what ever leaf fan thinks, dont trade the kid let him develop, would like to see the leafs go after olli jokinen if the price is right same with giradi, zajac , Ladd, , I mean just one of them but would be interest ing to see what there all worth

  2. Chris

    January 19, 2014 at 11:59 am

    The only thing the Leafs should do with Kadri is try to get consistent performances like last night out of him. It will happen eventually so why not be patient?

    Unless it’s ryan O’Reilly or Evander Kane coming back don’t give up on high end skill.

  3. I_am_I

    January 19, 2014 at 12:57 pm

    I can’t for the life of me think of a package the Flames could put together for Kadri and Gardiner. Their lineup is appalling and their prospect pool is shallow.
    @Chris: Shame that Kane is a LW, obviously if you can land him you do but that really is a position the Leafs don’t need anyone (JVR and Lupul are fine on the left).
    @leafsfan: Pass. Jokinen and Girardi are rentals and I wouldn’t bother expending assets to outbid an actual contender, Zajac would be pricey for a 2nd line centre (topped 60 points twice) rather keep Kadri and Gardiner and Ladd is a LW and not worth opening a hole on centre or defence to acquire.

  4. Sid_dahl

    January 19, 2014 at 2:12 pm

    kadri for Calgary 1st rounder either 2014 or 2015 would be enticing as they would be high 1st rounders, fits Burkes MO and Kadri will be expendable when/ if Bolland gets back. Assuming Carlyle is still on the Holland train.

  5. Sid_dahl

    January 19, 2014 at 2:15 pm

    Also like Girardi as a leaf. Not sure of price tag though perhaps worth waiting to see if he makes it to free agency a la Clarkson.

  6. John

    January 19, 2014 at 2:34 pm

    why would burke want kadri?

  7. Chris

    January 19, 2014 at 3:14 pm


    Totally agree. Just making a point of the only situations where I’d even consider moving Kadri. The Leafs should hold on to him at least until the end of next season.

    @ Sid_dahl. It does fit Burke’s MO but what are the chances that 1st rounder pans out? Kadri already has to some extent. What if the Leafs get like a 6th overall pick and draft a Nikita Filatov? It would have to be a Monahan for Kadri trade straight up and even then I’m not sure I’d do it.

    @John – Because Kadri is a good, young skilled player who plays with grit. Also he’s more of a known commodity than a draft pick.

    I remember people calling the Phil Kessel deal the ‘worst deal ever’ when Burke made it. Fast forward almost four years and the Leafs have a perennial point per game player who has emerged as one of the best right wingers in the NHL (not to mention that he’s dynamite in the playoffs). The Bruins got rid of Seguin, Hamilton is still developing, and Jared Knight has 18 points in 50 AHL games.

    Yes the Bruins won the Cup but it was not because of Seguin. The point is that what was seen as ‘the worst trade ever’ has actually worked out very well for the Leafs and when you consider that the loss of a 2nd overall pick was made up for by the Schenn for JVR trade (JVR was a 2nd overall pick) and that the loss of Hamilton was made up for by the Beachemen for Lupul/Gardiner trade I’d say Burke knows what he’s doing when it comes to trading for young players.

    That being said, I wouldn’t want to trade Kadri for draft picks. Stick with him.

  8. *

    January 19, 2014 at 4:30 pm

    You don’t trade Kadri for a 1st round pick. He has more value than that, and the 2014 draft class is weak.

    The Leafs could trade Gardiner, but it would be better to wait until the offseason when he’s an RFA.

  9. *

    January 19, 2014 at 4:37 pm


    Tyler Seguin is a point per game player too, making much less than Kessel, and is also a center – a position the Leafs are fairly weak at. They also could have had Dougie Hamilton, another 1st round pick they gave up.

    Kessel is a very good player, but the trade still didn’t work out for the Leafs.

  10. hotwings

    January 19, 2014 at 4:59 pm

    the leafs would of course jump at trading the flames 1st round 2014 pick for kadri. sure 2014 is weaker, but you are still getting a top 3 overall pick. there is no way the flames would make that trade, since im sure burke would love to try to get ekblad…

    also, dont forget that the bruins shipped seguin out of town…

    i can see the avs flipping o’reilly to the leafs for kadri… i dont think burke wants to turn the flames into maple leafs west… and will limit his trades with toronto some what…

  11. Chris

    January 19, 2014 at 9:01 pm

    @ *

    1) Your declaration that Seguin makes ‘much less’ than Kessel is incorrect. Tyler Seguin carries a cap hit of 5.75 million dollars this year and last year. Kessel’s cap hit has bee 5.4 for his five seasons in Toronto. in each of those seasons he has scored at a 30 goal pace, in the past three seasons (including this one) he has been a point per game or better. Kessel will have a higher cap hit next year but he’s accomplished a lot more individually than Seguin and by the time Seguin’s contract runs out he will likely have a much higher cap hit than Kessel.

    2) Seguin didn’t play centre until this year. I wouldn’t say the Leafs are weak at the position etiher. Tyler Bozak is 27, just shy of a point per game this year, a plus player and is one of the league’s better faceoff men. Kadri had more points than Seguin last year and has shown he can play at a top six centre just not consistently yet and Dave Bolland was one of the best 3rd line centres in the NHL when he played for Chicago as well as pre-injury Leafs.

    3) Dougie Hamilton is good but not great. He wouldn’t add anything to the Leafs that Franson, Rielly or Gardiner don’t already add.

    4) Your assertion that the trade ‘didn’t really work out for the Leafs’ is flat out laughable.

    The Leafs got a top 10 NHL scorer who is one of the top 3 at his position in the NHL (right wing). I’d say it worked out fine.

    Question: What do you think the Leafs would get if they traded Kessel right now? They’d get at least a blue chip prospect, 1st round pick and a roster player. Minimum.

  12. Chris

    January 19, 2014 at 9:21 pm


    I’m not so sure the Leafs would be ‘jumping at the flames 1st round pick’.

    If it was a top 2 pick then maybe. After that it’s a crap shoot.

    Just because it’s a top 5 pick doesn’t guarantee the player will be better than Kadri, especially in a weak draft year.

    I wouldn’t trade Kadri for Yakupov and he was a 1st overall pick. I wouldn’t trade Kadri for Ryan Murray and he was a 2nd overall pick.

    There’s no guarantee that these top picks are going to be superstars. It seems like people are basing this idea on that purple patch of truly elite 1st overalls that were selected between 2004 and 2009 (Ovechkin, Crosby, Patrick Kane, Stamkos, Tavares) but even then you had Erik Johnson selected 1st overall in 2006.

    Since then we’ve seen Taylor Hall, RNH, Nail Yakupov,and Nathan McKinnon. None of those guys have come in and taken the league by storm in their first few seasons like those other guys. Connor McDavid might be that next elite 1st overall but in the past few drafts the talent seems to really drop off after the top 2 picks.

    Taylor Hall is awesome and so is Tyler Seguin but the next thee picks were Gudbrandson, Ryan Johansen and Nino Niederreiter. Johanson is having a good year (ironically not much better than Kadri’s ‘off’ year) but Gudbrandson and Niedereiter aren’t as good as Kadri at this point.

    RNH and Landeskog are both awesome but after that the selections were Huberdeau (who is just okay) Larson (who is in the AHL) and Ryan Strome (who is also in the AHL). Sure Larson and Strome have potential but they’re not locks to out perform Kadri any time soon.

    I’d take Galchenyuk, Murray, Rielly or Trouba over Yakupov any day.

    Would the Leafs trade Kadri for a Sam Reinhart or a Aaron Ekblad? Probably. The statistics make the likelihood of those players becoming elite players very likely. But after that you’re taking a huge risk. Kadri put up nearly a point per game last year. He’s considered to be having a ‘bad’ year and is currently 1 point behind Brayden Schenn and has played four less games. He put up almost a point per game last year in 48 games and produced in the playoffs. His ‘off’ year is 29 points in 46 games so far. To put that into perspective, Patrice Bergeron has 30 points in 48 games, Mike Richards has 32 points in 49 games and Jason Spezza has 32 points in 44 games.

    So Kadri’s off year is statistically in the same ball park as Brayden Schenn, Patrice Bergeron, Mike Richards and Jason Spezza and he’s younger than all of them except Schenn.

    This is why the Leafs shouldn’t trade him for some draft pick that might turn out to be the equivalent of a Nino Niederreiter.

  13. hotwings

    January 19, 2014 at 10:18 pm

    the leafs would for sure grab the flames pick this year… there is clearly no consensus #1, with 4-5 names being bandied about for the #1 spot… there is no “huge risk” or big tail off after reinhart/ekblad… sorry, but this is not a “taylor/tyler” draft year where the spot light is on 2 guys.

    nail is a bad example, as he already carries so much baggage and would obviously be a horrible fit on a carlyle led team.. id take kadri over nail any day, as would most people…

    ill also add, that it is hard to judge these islander and blue jackets draftees and their success, just because they play in somewhat disfunctional organizations…

  14. Sid_dahl

    January 19, 2014 at 10:40 pm

    What about Kadri and a 1st for Calgaries 1st in 2014 and 2015?

    Also my argument for trading Kadri is not based on him being a bad player it is more based on fit with coach and organization. I think Kadri will be an excellent 2nd line center if not already, then in the future. That being said I don’t think Carlyle wants an average sized center with great puck skills and playmaking ability as that guy. Bolland is perhaps the stop-gap player for that role as he is defensively responsible with a little bit of offence.Holland fits as the 3rd line center as a young guy with more size and more two way potential than Kadri.

    Again I’m not trying to knock Kadri I just don’t think we are a contender with or without Kadri and HIGH 1st rounders this year and next present an opportunity to land a top pairing d-man from the Toronto area in Ekblad (who has a right handed shot) and a shot at Mcdavid (also a local boy). If they were to get either of these guys I think it would help them become true contenders in 3 or 4 years where I just dont see that happening with Kadri, even if he develops into the high scoring center that he should develop into.

    Trading Kadri also clears cap space now and in the future for the leafs to go after a guy like Girardi in the offseason or a Stamkos years down the road.

    All that being said I don’t know if Burke does have a high enough regard for Kadri to forgo high first round picks for him.

    A quick note on the Kessel trade I think the trade made sense for both teams at the time and has worked for both as they have both improved since. Thus the trade was won by both Chiarelli and Burke.

  15. James

    January 19, 2014 at 11:07 pm

    Ladd and Kane aren’t going anywhere from the Jets. If they were going to trade them they would have kept their AHL calibre coach in Noel and rode him to the basement for a top 5 draft pick while selling off their assets at a greatly improved rate than the mighty Carl Hagelin!

    The Jets have only needed to change their tactics to be a playoff team since they moved back to Winnipeg.

    Nice try on the made up rumours Garrioch! As an Ottawa resident I unfortunately have to listen to you on the Team 1200 and you are right out of ‘er…

  16. Chris

    January 20, 2014 at 10:24 am


    You’re right this isn’t a Tyler/Taylor draft; it’s more of a Niederreiter/Ryan Murray calibre draft. None of the 4 or 5 guys you mention are rated as being locks to be top 2 d men or top line forwards. This is a weak draft. If Aaron Ekblad or Sam Reinhart were in last year’s draft I bet they don’t even crack the top 5.


    It always amazes me when people say Kadri doensn’t fit with the coach or organization. Why? Because he gets benched when he makes stupid plays? Because he had to spend time in the AHL?

    Corey Perry, Bobby Ryan, Joffrey Lupul etc. all had run ins with Carlyle when they were kids and all are better players for it now.

    When Detroit put their kids in the minors for 3 or 4 years it’s called development; when Toronto does it it’s called ‘ruining a prospect’.

    What Kadri did on Saturday night is what he’s capable of doing. The fact that he can’t do it consistently has far more to do with the fact that he’s 23 than that he ‘doesn’t fit in’.

    If cap space is your concern there’s a few guys I’d get rid of before Kadri.

    Girardi? Stamkos? You can’t trade your young assets on the premise that you ‘might’ be able to get players with the cap space. That’s ridiculous.

  17. I_am_I

    January 20, 2014 at 10:37 am

    Picks are overrated. Looking at the Kessel trade everyone always points to Seguin but he wasn’t traded, a first round pick was. Had the Leafs finished one spot higher and that pick ended up being Gudbranson no one would even be talking about it. There isn’t any guarantee that the Flames is a top 3 pick. It is very likely top 5 but nothing is guaranteed.
    @James: LOL. Agreed, not likely going anywhere unless there is an overpayment. Or Cheveldayoff takes stupid pills that morning.
    @Sid_dahl: you forget the Leaf-effect. If they acquire the Flames 1st rounder not only will the Flames go on a tear and push that pick to 9th overall the lottery winner will bump it down again. That is the way the Leafs roll…

  18. youaskedme

    January 20, 2014 at 12:10 pm

    LOL @ typical Leaf homers overvaluing their players. I’m glad to hear that you are all so in love with Kadri and aren’t sure you would trade for Calgary’s first round pick. As a Flames fan, I wouldn’t even consider making that trade, not for a second. Keep him. Calgary’s pick will be in the top 3 and result in a very likely franchise cornerstone. I’ll take my chances on that working out over dealing with an inconsistent, selfish, cocky headcase like Nazem. Monahan for Kadri? Keep dreaming. And these jokers putting together packages that include Calgary’s 2015 first – you’re truly out to lunch. If you think any team that feels its going to be weak is going to put their first rounder, a shot a drafting McDavid, in a package for anything less than a superstar knows nothing about hockey. In a package for Kadri…hahahaha.

    Also, FYI to those who keep stating that 2014 is a weak draft class – it’s actually not. It’s more shallow on the very top tier, especially compared to the outstanding class of last year. However, it’s actually got a lot of depth through the first two rounds…one of those years where late first rounders have good potential to turn into something quite nice.

  19. John

    January 20, 2014 at 3:22 pm

    Burke didn’t want Kadri when he had him in Toronto

  20. Chris

    January 20, 2014 at 4:29 pm


    I think you’re overvaluing the impact of a top 3 pick. If you get Ekblad or Reinhart then you’ll have a good hockey player. Franchise cornerstone? Nobody in this draft has that potential. There are no Crosbys, Stamkos’s or Tavares’s in this draft. This is more of a Yakupov year where you’ll get a good player but not a franchise cornerstone.

    Monahan’s a good player but I think you’re overvaluing him a bit. He was a 6th overall last year. Kadri was a 7th in his draft year. He has among the highest points per game averages of his draft class.

    Nobody is overvaluing Kadri. Most people on here are saying that it’s worth waiting to see what he’s got.

    The example is this: When the Leafs traded Alex Steen, he was considered a struggling young player. They traded him and Coliacovo for Lee Stempniak. If the Leafs wanted to trade for Steen today it would start with Gardiner and a 1st round pick and go from there.

    It’s not that Leaf fans think Kadri is a superstar; it’s that they have seen far too many young players traded too soon and trading for draft picks and 18 year olds only gets yet another project player who will require years to develop. Kadri has alread proven he can be a dominant NHL player (44 pts in 48 games last year). If he can start prodicnig this way on a consistent basis when he hits his prime at 26 or 27, the Leafs will have a high end centre that they didn’t have to trade for.

    @ John. Do you know Brian Burke personally? Did he tell you this?

  21. leafsfan (905) 420

    January 20, 2014 at 4:45 pm

    @ you asked me- kadri is a sometimes physical playmaker who can score , and will only get stronger, the whole head case thing disappears the second he leaves toronto’s media

    You are correct in saying that its more of a depth draft then a high end top 2 draft but im not sure about that, unless thier just blowing smoke on sam reinhart or is alot better then he is made our to be to be if hes considerd a better pick then ekbald-motherfucker was playing in the ohl at 15(they’ve been bang on giving out and denying the the exceptional player status since it out) and is a huge man child

    with the new draft rule allowing every non playoff team a chance at the first overall pick it lowers the vaule a LITTLE of the lower place teams picks and adds a LITTLE vaule to the teams just outside the playoffs

    I’ve read that almost no team wants to trade thier 2015 1st rounder so the flames , absolutely won’t trade it

    Also ek

  22. John

    January 20, 2014 at 5:54 pm

    Look at the way he treated him before, also why would Kadri want to play under Burke?

  23. youaskedme

    January 20, 2014 at 6:20 pm

    @ Chris

    Time can only tell in regards to whether or not a franchise player develops from this draft. You can’t unequivocally state that no such potential exists. Sure, it isn’t a year of sure bets but I think Ekblad has the very real possibility of developing into such.

    Perhaps I overvalue the top 3 pick a bit…but I think it has more to do with the fact that I don’t value Kadri like you do. He is definitely skilled and I’ve seen his ability to be an impact player…but I’ve also seen half efforts and his disappearing act. Maybe his attitude issues are overblown by the media, maybe these are just growing pains but maybe not. To me, he presents far too much risk to be giving up a top 3 pick to gamble on…especially when I think his ceiling is a very good second liner. And that risk is also not something I would want to introduce to a young team in the midst of a rebuild. I want a mature, lead by example, put the team first kind of player – like Monahan. Kadri has never had such things said about him. He may turn into a superb complementary piece but I don’t see captain potential. I also wouldn’t be surprised if being streaky is what he remains and never elevates beyond a decent 2nd liner.

    Kadri and Monahan may have been 7 and 6 but I doubt you would find anybody outside of Leaf nation that thinks that Calgary wouldn’t be out of their minds to make that trade. Monahan is a top 3 if it wasn’t such a top end heavy draft year…and slipped playing on a terrible 67’s team. He might not be quite the sniper Kadri is, even though he currently has more goals this year as a 19 year old rookie on an offensively anemic Flames squad, but he’ll offer more in just about every other regard.

    I think the Leafs would be wise to hold on to him and let him develop because if you’re expecting the sort of return being mentioned, I think you’ll have no choice but to keep him.

  24. I_am_I

    January 20, 2014 at 10:23 pm

    @youaskedme: Did you just say Monahan would have gone higher if not for the better players ahead of him? All silliness aside I think they are comparable players. As an aside: Kadri’s draft was pretty good as well (Tavares, Hedman, Duchene, E. Kane were the top 4)…

    You’ll get inconsistent effort in most young players. One issue this season was playing on the top line without the benefit of a checking line. BTW: Duchene also had a 10 game stretch where he got 1G/1A and I think we agree he’s pretty OK. Kadri is not ready for tough match-ups. He’s still better in a sheltered role. Don’t believe the media in Toronto, they are mostly trolls, trash talking the Leafs pulls in good ratings.
    Monahan’s points all came early in the season didn’t they? (checks stats… 10pts in October, 5 in November, 4 since). I don’t think he’ll ever be an offensive dynamo, but a solid 2 way centre.

    Also how did this end up a Kadri vs. Monahan thread… the original premise was Calgary putting together a package for Kadri AND Gardiner…

    Also you seem pretty convinced that the Flames won’t draft fourth. What if Florida wins the lottery? Or continues to be Florida?

    Oh and nice job on Torts. That. Was. Awesome.