Quick Hits: Semin, Vatanen and Roy on Leafs

Dmitry Chesnokov: Alexander Semin has been added to the Russian Olympic team.

Eric Stephens: The Ducks have sent Sami Vatanen to the AHL.

Chris Johnston: Patrick Roy: “Two weeks ago in Toronto I thought they were going to trade everybody. Now they’re talking about winning the Stanley Cup.”

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    01/22/2014 at 11:14 am

    Patrick Roy, as usual , is funny, and candid . I think he is off the mark about the Leafs , though. Yep, it looked abysmal 2 weeks ago , and there may have been a ton of trade talk. With their winning streak, that talks dies down, but I doubt there is a single person in Toronto who thinks the Leafs are a threat to win the cup. I am a Leaf fan, but this firebrand hockey, where you leave your D zone way too soon, way too often , has NO chance in playoff hockey . And, they gotta get there , which is still only 50/50 . They are exciting though, aren’t they ? Or is that exasperating ……?