Morning Rumors II: St. Louis, Callahan, Lightning, Rangers and Bruins

  • Bob McKenzie on TSN: On the Lightning and Rangers trade rumors involving Martin St. Louis and Ryan Callahan.

    1. Where there is smoke, there is or perhaps has been a little fire. Or, in other words, the two teams would appear to have at least spoken. And spoken is defined as one calling the other to inquire, no more, no less.
    2. The real question, though, is what is the latest and greatest information. Or, in other words, is this a story that is a couple of weeks old, just now finally coming to light and perhaps outdated?

    Does St. Louis still want to be moved? The Lightning are a potential Eastern contender and may not be interested in futures or younger players. The Rangers wouldn’t be interested in moving prospects and picks for a 38-year old winger. St. Louis has a no-movement clause.

  • Hope Smoke: Bob McKenzie: “My take is that after the original Olympic snub, St.Louis informed TB that he would look favorably on a trade” … “St.Louis has a full no-trade and lives just outside of New York. That may be the only destination he would be willing to go to” … “This St.Louis story isn’t over yet, this may drag into the summer”
  • SNY Rangers Blog: Darren Dreger on Team 1040 radio in Vancouver talking Martin St. Louis and Ryan Callahan.

    “I know the Rangers thought it was amusing, the speculation and rumor about St. Louis for Ryan Callahan. I can assure you that if that deal was ever proposed that the Rangers would make it instantly.”

    “Ryan Callahan is on the trade block and that is not a news flash. We talked about that prior to the roster freeze and there were no contract talks that would lead me to believe that anything is going to change. Callahan is going to go into auction and you will have teams like Tampa Bay perhaps, perhaps the LA Kings kicking tires to see what the rate of return is going to be but we may not know what the rate of return is going to be until trade deadline day.”