Morning Hits: Lower Cap Next Year Than Projected, Schenn and Kassian Suspension Video

  • Helene Elliott of the LA Times: Kings GM Dean Lombardi said that he was told that next seasons salary cap that was initially projected to be around $71 million, may now be closer to $68 million due to the weakening Canadian dollar.

    “We found out, to our chagrin and surprise the other day, we had been told the cap was going to be $71 [million] and now with the Canadian dollar having tanked, that the cap could be as low as $68 [million]. That’s a huge swing,” Lombardi said. “So that’s more of the talks with our three guys, Mitchell, Lewis and Greene, who we’d all like to bring back. That’s more of a hindrance than anything we acquired today. “

  • Hope Smoke: Darren Dreger: “Schenn has picked it up since then but JVR has developed into the Leafs’ most consistent forward. Very lopsided trade” … “There was talk inside the Flyers camp earlier this year that Luke Schenn couldn’t play in the NHL”
  • Canucks Zack Kassian three game suspension video