NHL Rumors II: Jets, Predators, Canucks, Panthers, Hurricanes, Oilers and Maple Leafs

  • Elliotte Friedman: Evander Kane’s recent benching doesn’t mean he’ll be traded by the Jets. There would be plenty of teams interested if they decide to trade him. Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff may quietly test the trade market for Kane. The Jets could look to trade a defenseman for a forward to increase their options.

    Friedman thinks the Predators may take a run at Thomas Vanek.

    For the Canucks: “the Aquilini family’s gone quiet, letting the season play out before announcing any decisions. One owner said last week he thinks they are looking at the financial implications of a “clean sweep,” starting all over again. It’s a big number, because you also have to factor in the replacements and how much that will affect your on-ice business. Do you want to buy out anyone? What do you want to add? Mike Gillis was telling the truth last week when he said he didn’t know if he’d be back. I don’t think anyone there knows yet what ownership will do.”

    Friedman could see the Panthers having interest in Dave Bolland.

  • Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal: (mailbag) Hurricanes Eric Staal could be made available, but the cost would be huge. If the Oilers were interested, the Hurricanes would likely be looking for something other than Sam Gagner and Nail Yakupov. They would be interested in getting a high end defenseman back. Staal has a cap hit of $8.25 million cap hit with salaries of $9.25 million and $9.5 million. The Hurricanes may be more interested in moving Cam Ward. If Paul Maurice remains with the Jets, Matheson could see them taking a run at Ward. The Jets would then need to find a taker for Ondrej Pavelec.
  • The Fourth Period: The Hurricanes are expected to move goalie Cam Ward this offseason. Eric Staal and Jeff Skinner’s name has been in the rumor mill. The Leafs were among the teams that inquired about Skinner earlier this season. The Canes had spoken with a few teams about Ward, who holds a no-trade clause.
  • The Fourth Period: Nikolai Kulemin doesn’t appear to be in the Leafs future. They did have him on the trade market earlier in the season, but decided to hold on to him. It has been rumored that the Penguins could have interest in the pending UFA. James Reimer and Nazem Kadri are expected to be traded this summer.


  1. Chris

    April 8, 2014 at 10:44 am

    Yeah. Kadri puts up 50 points and 20 goals as a 23 year old. Might as well give up on him.

    Hey why don’t they trade Kadri, Gardiner and a 1st for Staal?

    That way the usual thing can happen:

    Us Leaf fans will watch as Kadri and Gardiner turn 24, 25 and 26 and continue to improve, the 1st round pick will turn into a high end prospect who will be 21 in three years. At the same time we’ll watch Staal turn 31, 32 and 33 and probably start to decline.

    The Leafs will continue to spin their wheels and continue to be a mediocre team.

    I’m so sick of this. Let your players grow. If they’re 25 or 26 and still haven’t got it yet, then trade them.

  2. Buddy Benerba

    April 8, 2014 at 11:16 am

    I agree with Chris. Why give up on Kadri now? He’s good but kids need people who believe in them and can make them grow – that’s definitely not Carlysle. I Like Randy and he’s had success but I don’t think he’s the right guy for this team. I can’t believe how the Leafs botched two straight head coaches. How dumb can you be not to know who the right guy for a group is? The Leads tune out too easily because they don’t believe in their coach and the system they play. They need someone who can lead this group and show them their potential. That, and they need a #1 center and #1 D :)

  3. Chris

    April 8, 2014 at 12:10 pm

    It definitely looks as though they’ve tuned him out.

    Ferarro could not be more right about cap management. The Leafs need to fix the defence and badly. Fixing the d is much more important than paying Bolland 5 mil, Kulemin 5 mil or Raymond 3 mil.

    It starts with signing Gardiner who has become the Leafs best offensive defenceman in the past two months and is only 23.

    I think it’s also time for the likes of Ashton, Holland, D’Amigo etc. to get a real NHL shot next year. They will be cheaper options than Bolland and Kulemin and while they are definitely not as good, they might do well in a defensive role and who knows how much better they will get?

    Most players improve with ice time. I’d rather spend 3 million dollars on a 3rd line of Ashton, Holland and D’Amigo than spend 11 million dollars on Kulemin, Bolland and Raymond.

  4. Ryan

    April 8, 2014 at 12:24 pm

    Kadri must go. Not because he isn’t valuable at 23 with 50 plus points but, because he is valuable. The leafs problem is they’re not big enough up front. He is to small and they have enough small, more talented forwards in lupul and Kessel.

    The leafs are still in a rebuild mode and the fans are too impatient. the leafs are a puzzle in progress. they have great pieces but I think this puzzle reminds me of a three year old trying to smash the pieces together. Pieces that don’t fit and don’t belong.

    This team needs a #1 centre and help on defense. I Like to believe in addition versus subtraction however, kadri might be one of the assets at this point that makes sense to move out for a deal involving Kessler.

    Personally I would like to see the leafs acquire Kessler, yakupov/ skinner and possibly pitkanen.

    Jvr should not be playing with Kessel and bozak. It’s perfect example of the smashed up puzzle. Lupul’s numbers are down not playing with Kessel.

    Going forward the leafs aren’t that far off with a couple key additions. Could you imagine


    And the addition of pitkanen and a new coach.

    I’m just a fan and I don’t know much but it sure sounds good to me…

    Peace out brothers!

  5. Chris

    April 8, 2014 at 12:56 pm

    Lupul is 6’1 and 205. Not small.

    Bozak is 6’1 195. Not small. Kesler is 1 inch taller and 7 pounds heaveir than Bozak. He also has less points than Bozak (42 to Bozak’s 47) but has played 17 more games than Bozak. Bozak is a +6 while Kesler is a -17. Kesler will be 30 in August. Bozak just turned 28.

    Considering that it would actually cost the Leafs assets to acquire Kesler, how would Kesler be an upgrade over Bozak?

    Bozak may not be Ryan Getzlaf but he is most definitely a #1 centre.

    Yakupov is garbage. You say the Leafs need size up front? How would putting Yakupov in the linuep help that? He’s brutal defensively. Not what the Leafs need at all.

    The Bruins are the 1st place team in the league. They don’t have a Getzlaf style #1 centre either; they have Bergeron (who is a 60 point centre about the same size as Bozak) and David Krecji (who is the same size as Kadri) who is about a 65-70 point centre.

    When Kreicji was Kadri’s age he had 52 points in 79 games which, like Kadri, was actually a regression from the year before.

    The differenc between the two teams isn’t in the size of the forwards. Its’ in experience (Krecji is 27 while Kadri is 23) but more importantly in defence.

    Boston play a tight defensive system. The Leafs do not.

    The Leafs could always use more size in the top six but that’s not what will improve the team. What will improve the team is a better defensive system and players who are willing to play it. That starts on D.

    The #1 priority by a country mile is to get a top 2 d man who can play 25 -30 minutes per night. I don’t even know if that’s possible but the offseason priorities should start there. No Yakupov. No Kesler. None of that. They dont’ need two guys who are a combined -50 (and they literally are a combined -50). That will only make things worse.

    Kesler has less points than Kadri.

  6. Ryan

    April 8, 2014 at 1:48 pm

    @ Chris. I agree there’s problems everywhere and the leafs need to address the defence and the system first and foremost.

    I like Kesler, I think he is a good leader with grit and might be a good fit for a team with leadership problems and a lack of experience. I like yak and view him as an opportunity to get a number one overall pick from a team that has too many number ones to close together in age. Too many children in Edmonton. It’s too early to pull the plug on yak.

    Look at seguin. Boston traded seguin for Ericsson, 82 points for 34 points. Yak has a couple more points this year in less games than seguin in his rookie year. Seguin leaves boston and lights it up. you think Boston is regretting that trade? It’s all about fitment. Any assessment on yak is premature at this point.

    Yes to Kessler, yes to yak!

    What about pitkanen in a leafs jersey.


  7. Chris

    April 9, 2014 at 9:27 am

    No to Pitkanen. The Leafs need a Matt Greene type guy. They only have one tough stay at home d man and that’s Gleason. Ideally they would get a top 2 d man but they’re not exactly available in abundence. The leafs have Gardiner, Rielly and Phaneuf who are all Pitkanen style d men. They need toughness.

    The problem isn’t only with the d though. They need to find forwards who buy into a defensive system. They need guys who will take a breakout seriously (ie. breaking out as a five man unit) and commit to a defensive system. That will probably require a new coach.

    As for Yakupov and Kesler. Your points about Yakupov and your supporting evidence of Seguin only support keeping Kadri. How does everything you said about Seguin and Yakupov not apply to Kadri?

    The Leafs only have so many assets to spend in the off season. They have players, prospects and draft picks. Every time they spend an asset they weaken the organization in some area while hopefully strengthening an area of weakness.

    Scoring goals is not an area of weakness for the Leafs. They score a lot of them. Furthermore, Yakupov and Kesler don’t strenghten any weakness on the team. They are not as good offenisvely as the guys they would replace and they are worse defensively.

    The biggest area of weakness the Leafs have is defensively. If they are going to trade players, prospects and picks they should address this area first. Trading for Yakupov and Kesler would weaken the team’s assets so they couldn’t address their weaknesses.

    The leafs with Kesler and yakupov instead of Kadri, along with the same d corps, would probably be a worse version of this year’s team.