NHL Rumors III: Jets Evander Kane Edition

  • Ken Wiebe: Evander Kane when asked if he wants to be traded: “I’m here to answer hockey questions, in terms of the game tonight.”
  • Hope Smoke: Darren Dreger: “Wpg still needs some pieces. Need a C, W and a top D. How do you acquire guys like that when you don’t spend big in FA?” … “To get at least one or two of those pieces you need to move out a prime piece and, to me, that’s E.Kane” … “I’ll tell you this: from conversations I’ve had with Maurice & Cheveldayoff they have all the time in the world for a guy like Kane”
  • Mark Spector: There is a lot drama surrounding Evander Kane. There is likely lots more going on as the public usually only hears about half of it.
  • Dustin Nielson: Nielson doesn’t see Evander Kane starting the season with the Jets next year. What team needs him the most and what would the cost be?
  • Hope Smoke: Bob McKenzie: “The Jets are going to have to think long and hard on E.Kane this summer. Can’t be a knee jerk reaction” … “Jets need to realize if Kane is all in on Wpg and whether they’re all in on him” … “Here’s the thing: Kane is a really good hockey player. You don’t move good hockey players and get equal value” … “If Kane were to request a move and that’s always been percolating there. I’ve always been told he hasn’t” … “If Kane did say he wants to, then that reflects more on Kane and less on the city/organization of Winnipeg” … “Winnipeg has had no problem keeping their other players” … “Jets are building, they’re a little thin in the middle but they’re getting better all the time & continue to draft well”
  • Paul Friesen of the Winnipeg Sun: Jets coach Paul Maurice:

    “The player’s individual play, other players’ play — somebody else takes their job for that night… adherence to all policies of the hockey club,” Maurice said. “This situation with Evander Kane has been addressed three times. He’s not the only one.

    “I have dealt with it directly and clearly with the team and player.”

  • Evander Kane on his benching