NHL Rumors II: Maple Leafs Edition: Shanahan, Hextall, Keepers and Who Is Expendable

  • Nick Kypreos: Source confirms that Maple Leafs CEO Tim Leiweke is interested in bringing in Brendan Shanahan. Bob McKenzie: Confirms that the Leiweke has contacted Shanahan for a top hockey ops position.
  • Adam Proteau: Shanahan may not of the experience as a GM or President, but there are few who are more plugged-in to the hockey world.
  • Randy Sportak: The Flames offered Shanahan the President position last summer before Brian Burke took the position.
  • John Shannon: Source saying that Leiweke is “trying really hard to land him, but too early to know.”
  • Hope Smoke: Darren Dreger: “I haven’t talked to Shanahan but those that are familiar with this storyline suggest he’s keenly interested in the Leafs” … “Shanahan is also very respectful. I think he’d have a hard time coming into Toronto without the blessing of Nonis”
  • The Fourth Period: The Maple Leafs are also thought to have interest in Flyers assistant GM and Director of Hockey Operations Ron Hextall. It’s not known if the Leafs have asked permission to speak with Hextall, or if Leiweke plans on doing so. Also not known if the Flyers would grant the Leafs permission. Source close to Hextall said that if he were to leave the Flyers, he’d want ‘full authority” to run an organization. Bob Nicholson could also be a Leiweke target if Brandon Shanahan isn’t interested.
  • Hope Smoke: Nick Kypreos: “I think the players will have a big say here on Carlyle’s future”
  • James Mirtle of the Globe and Mail: It is hard to imagine Randy Carlyle returning. Phil Kessel, Morgan Rielly, Jakes Gardiner, Jonathan Bernier and James van Riemsdyk are players to build around. Joffrey Lupul and Nazem Kadri could be moved if they can find the right fit. The remaining roster is expendable. James Reimer is hoping to find a starting gig somewhere. Likely only one or two of Nikolai Kulemin, Dave Bolland, Mason Raymond, Jay McClement and Paul Ranger will be back next year. Cody Franson and Tim Gleason could be traded as well.
  • Hope Smoke: Nick Kypreos: “You have to give up something good to get something good. Kadri? Lupul is moveable but people are worried about his health”
  • Hope Smoke: Doug MacLean: “The Leafs need three to four defenseman. I could get rid of Gunnarsson. I would consider moving Gardiner. Rielly only untouchable”
  • Hope Smoke: Nick Kypreos: “Franson is a guy who could bring back some good value. Teams like him”
  • Mark Masters: Pending RFA Cody Franson: “Toronto was my favourite team growing up. This is my dream come true. I’m hopeful that I get to stay.”
  • Hope Smoke: Ray Ferraro: “I think the Leafs would look at moving Franson or Kadri.” … “What about Lupul? Is he part of the core? Do you look at moving him for someone younger and healthier?”
  • Hope Smoke: Ray Ferraro: “They’ll move Reimer but that’ll be for just a pick”
  • Hope Smoke: Ray Ferraro: “You walk away from Raymond and McClement. McClement makes too much $ for the role he plays”
  • Hope Smoke: Darren Dreger: “I know Leaf management wasn’t thrilled how Carlyle commented on Reimer being OK & then Reimer’s agent saying what he did” … “That entire situation isn’t something Leaf management is happy about”
  • Hope Smoke: Darren Dreger: “If it hasn’t happened already, and I believe it hasn’t, Reimer’s agent will contact the Leafs to facilitate a trade to another team”
  • Hope Smoke: Elliotte Friedman: “I don’t think Phaneuf’s contract is as bad either. That’s a deal that can be moved if they want”
  • Hope Smoke: Elliotte Friedman: “The best thing the Leafs didn’t do this year was trade someone like Jake Gardiner”


  1. Chris

    April 10, 2014 at 9:37 am

    Friedman is 100% correct. If the Leafs traded Gardiner in the first half of the season when he was struggling the return would have been minimal and he would have been really good somewhere else; instead they did the right thing, stayed patient, and he became their best defenceman in the last two months. To me, Gardiner and Rielly are the only untouchables because they have such a high upside and such a young age.

  2. Lee

    April 10, 2014 at 4:56 pm

    I really don’t understand people who like Gardiner. He is absolutely terrible in his own end. Sure he takes the puck up the ice some times but usually coughs it up. It would be nice for a defenceman to actually have his strong points just being a solid D and then worry about puck moving 2nd. And as terms of Phaneuf, I blasted Burke when he got him. THE worst signing in leaf history. I can’t believe how management could not see that. This team really needs an overhaul AGAIN!!

  3. John

    April 10, 2014 at 6:28 pm

    Phaneuf has got to go, he’s to slow, always give up the puck and most times out of possition “bad signing” not worth the money, Orr,!Kulimen, Ranger and McClement have got to go too
    Kadri has so much talent he just needs to be coached properly and ohh yes firer the entire coaching staff, I’ve been a Leaf fan my entire life,I saw the last time the leafs won the Stanely Cup with Horton, Bower , Baun , Stem , Keon Pulford and Shack the list goes on
    I was always a Catlyle fan when he was with the Leafs, however a good player makes not a good coach as the old saying does

  4. Billy Biff

    April 10, 2014 at 7:29 pm

    I guess it is the way the leafs Brass
    Do not feel that any of the retired
    Leafs could handle the Position that
    Is being offered to Shanahan.
    What a slap in the face to those Ex
    Also what is it with Shanahan he gets
    The big job with the NHL as the CHIEF
    Disciplineary Cop Nice Plumb position
    And now Lucwicki offers him another
    Big POST, sure Shanahan was a great
    Player but a great player does not mean
    Your the best at every job that is open
    I guess politics in hockey never ends.

  5. Chris

    April 11, 2014 at 11:27 am

    @Lee. I think you are right about Gardiner for the first half of the season when he was doing his stupid spinorama stuff and turning the puck over but if you watched tha past two months he actually improved his game a lot while others regressed. At 23 he still has a lot of room to grow.

    @Billy, why would the Leafs offer the job to an ‘ex Leaf’ who has never accomplished anything? I’d rather have a guy who’s won at every level and who knows players in the league (Shanny only retired in 2009).

    Who knows if it will change anything? They’ve tried everything under the sun and yet they still pull stupid crap like signing Clarkson and pinning a C on Phaneuf’s jersey.

    If, at the very least, Shanny can tell them with authority not to do these stupid franchise crushing moves, then I’m happy.

  6. EastCoastHockeyFan

    April 13, 2014 at 5:23 pm

    shanny was huge for the players in the 04 lock out, yes he was a great player.
    he was also as respected as any person on or off the ice, with players and brass around the league, take a look at what was tabled at the shanny summit. and then look at what stuck and was implemented and is still part of the game today. it has nothing to do with what he did as a player, thats not why he was given the position with the league, and its not why he was hired by the leaf’s.
    its who he is and what he has done for the game and how much clout he has with everyone connected with the game