Morning Hits: Duchene, Kreider, Islanders, Needing a GM and McPhee

  • Pierre LeBrun: Avs Patrick Roy on Matt Duchene on potentially playing in Game 6: “We’re going to take a serious look at it.”
  • Andrew Gross of the Bergon Record: Rangers Chris Kreider is skating but is still unable to shoot. He didn’t touch a puck yesterday. Ryan McDonagh has no issues with his shoulder after getting caught in the camera hole in the glass.
  • Chris Botta of Sports Bussienss Daily: The Islanders had an operating loss of $4.8 million this past season after receiving $15 million revenue sharing and escrow payment. They released an offering memorandum for majority ownership for interested parties. Wang is offering 75 percent ownership and a five-year option on the remaining 25 percent. They valued the team at $370 million. Andrew Barroway’s group was one interested party, but are not reportedly close. Two other groups were said to have interest, but that may be down to one as Nelson Peltz is not interested in bidding for the Isles.
  • Mike Halford: Teams that have the fourth, sixth and thirteenth overall draft picks don’t have a GM.
  • Corey Masisak: “George McPhee told @TarikCSN + I one day his philosophy on leaking information to the media. He said he hated that others in his job played favorites + leaked info. So he felt it was fair to give everyone nothing + demand that from his staff. Hard not to respect that.”

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  1. hankbemis

    April 27, 2014 at 9:33 am

    revenue sharing is so idiotic. let’s pay $15m to make sure the islanders don’t fold! Don’t want them to make any tough choices. We certainly won’t change the dynamics of the NHL at all with this new anti-incentive. Morons. I can’t believe the players offered this as part of the CBA. Owners pay their players too much, then want a different CBA to fix their problem. The players then take that opportunity to create a parachute for owners whose teams don’t succeed. Why spend the time/money/hard work to succeed when you can just be given the money?