NHL Rumors II: The Islanders and Blues Goaltending Situation

  • Arthur Staple: If the Islanders are able to sign Jaroslav Halak, GM Garth Snow says he’s not finished there: “Right now we have 0 goalies signed. Probably not wise to go into a season w/ 1 goalie.”
  • Brett Cyrgalis of the NY Post: Islanders GM Garth Snow had a “positive conversation” with Jaroslav Halak’s agent, Allan Walsh. Halak is believed to be looking for a three to five year deal worth around $4 million a season.

    “It’s still a long way from getting him signed,” Snow said. “It’s obviously going to come down to money and term, like it usually does.”

    “We would still like to bring Nabby back, if it’s under the right circumstances.

  • Lou Korac of In the Slot: Ryan Miller on if he’d like to get something done with the Blues soon or to take it into free agency:

    I’m not sure. I have to have more discussion with management on where they’re at with everything. It’s not something we’re going to do two or three days after we lost. It’s something where you kind of want to get away from the situation by a few weeks probably. I’m sure they’ll want to have something, an answer on their side, before the draft. It’s more directed towards Doug (Armstrong) and the coaching staff and how they kind of see this team being built. That being said, I liked my time here, (I’m) open to staying. I think it’s a solid organization from the top down. We’ll just see what happens.

  • Lou Korac of In the Slot: Blues Brian Elliott on testing the free agent market and what he thinks his worth is:

    Based on everything, I think you know what your worth is. It’s not about that, it’s about where you want to be. The opportunities that are available out there are available here. It’s about an opportunity for me to play and what’s best moving forward.

    Elliott on if he thinks he’s a No. 1 starter:

    I have to prove that obviously. It’s about getting opportunities to be able to prove that. I think I’ve made a reputation throughout the league as a hard-working guy that can come in and win big games and do a lot for a team. It’s about trying to make that next step and try to be a No. 1. Like I always say, if you don’t prepare and go into a summer and an individual workout in that summer and say, ‘This is to be a backup,’ you’re not doing yourself justice. You always want to try and push yourself and get to the next level. Whether it’s attainable or not, you have to push it.