NHL Rumors I: State of Florida Edition

  • Damian Cristodero of the Tampa Bay Times: Lightning’s Ryan Malone is still in the Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health Program. It is believed that players in this program can still be bought out. The buyout period starts 48 hours after the Stanley Cup final or on June 15th, whichever is later, and ends on June 30th. The Lightning have one compliance buyout left as they used their first on Vinny Lecavalier. A Malone buyout would cost them $2.5 million, $1.67 million over two seasons.
  • Harvey Fialkov of the Sun-Sentinel: Peter Laviolette is on Dale Tallon’s list of people to interview for the Panthers head coaching position. Tallon said last week that he has three candidates, but hasn’t talked to any yet. He wants to have a coach in place by the draft and doesn’t want one who centers around a defensive zone trap. That might eliminate Barry Trotz.
  • Mike Halford of Pro Hockey Talk: Panthers GM Dale Tallon:

    “I’m open for business,” Tallon said. “You have three options, you either take it, move back, or trade it. So that’s what we’re looking at. What’s the best deal for our future, that’s the key.”

    “I definitely will [be shopping the pick], especially this year,” he explained. “We had a couple of nibbles the day after we won [the lottery]. There were a couple guys calling to bust my chops, asking ‘what are you going to do?’ And that’s fine. It’s a good thing.”

    David Staples of the Edmonton Journal: Could the Oilers and Panthers talk about switching first round picks? Would a Sam Gagner and the third pick for the first overall work?

  • Harvey Fialkov: Fialkov wouldn’t be surprised if the Panthers signed Tim Thomas to backup Roberto Luongo.


  1. EastCoastHockeyFan

    05/04/2014 at 10:36 am

    Edmonton would be making a huge mistake trading Gagner and the third over all for the first. where the top 5 in this years draft are all excellent young players, your giving up Gagner for near nothing. IF Edmonton felt the need for the first over all pick there best bet on landing it with out over paying but still giving Florda what they want/need would be trading for players not trading up, offer Nail Yakupov and Oscar Klefbom, Yak has huge potential and will be a star in the league, and can already put the puck in the net but his fit isn’t there with the oil, and his development is being staggered by Eakins poor coaching and lack of any real mentor to help him grow mentally. Klefbom is a good young defensive defense man with a bright future.
    Florda gets the offencive young player they want, with a strong d man both ready to play a roll on the big club,
    Edmonton gets Ekblad and gives up Klefbom, and Gives Yak the fresh start he needs and keep there pick for , Samuel Bennett, Leon Draisaitl, or Sam Reinhart all very talented young forwards

  2. Chris

    05/04/2014 at 12:52 pm

    LOL at that whole post! Every suggestion you make has zero benefit for the Panthers and a ton for the Oilers. Talon wants to make the Panthers better NOT make the Oilers better.

    1. The Oilers would be lucky for anybody to take Gagner and his contract. He’s not all that good offensively (never had 50 points in 7 NHL seasons), terrible defensively, small and not physical and bad at face-offs. Worst of all he’s a 4.8 mil cap hit. The market for a small, 40 point centre is a 3rd round pick at best and that’s only if Edmonton took salary.

    2. Dale Tallon is not a crack addict. He would not trade Aaron Eklblad, who is a potential 1st pairing d man, for a small one dimensional Russian winger and a depth defensive prospect.

    You overvalue all of Edmonton’s players in this situation. Gagner has no real value around the league because every team has or can get a mediocre small centre. Florida already have Nick Bjugstad (a BIG centre who’s only 21 and almost hit 40 points this year), Sasha Barkov (another big centre who had 0.5 pts per game this year at 18 years old) and traded for Brandon Pirri who is much more suited for a 3rd line centre role than Gagner plus he’s bigger younger and cheaper.

    Oscar Klefbom is a decent defensive prospect but Florida have Petrovic, McCoshen and Cody Robak who are as good as Klebom as well as young guys on the roster like Kulikov and Olsen who are both better than Klefbom. Add Ekblad to that and it’s looking very good.

    Yakupov’s value is way down. You are right that he ‘could’ be a star but at this point he just looks okay. Now if he were Canadian or American I’d say he’d be a good investment over the long haul because it’s clear he has a lot to learn. The problem is that he’s Russian and when his entry level is over next year the KHL will offer him more money than he’s worth in the NHL. 24 points and -33 last year would put his market value at less than 2 million dollars. If the KHL comes in and offers him 5 mil then whatever team has his rights won’t match and they’ve lost him for nothing.

    At this point the Oilers seem to have chosen poorly. Guys from that same draft like Ryan Murray, Alex Galchenyuk, Thomas Hertl and Morgan Rielly all had better years.

    If the Oilers offered Yakupov and Klefbom I guarantee you Talon would get more elsewhere.

    Think from Talon’s perspective. He could have Aaron Ekblad who is the best defenseman in this year’s draft. At #3 the Oilers could have Sam Bennett.

    If the Leafs offered you the equivalent of Yakupov and Klefbom for that pick straight up (Like Peter Holland and Stuart Percy) would you take it? Of course you wouldn’t. You’d want Gardiner and Kadri or Morgan Rielly right?

    That’s how Florida feel about the #1. A fair deal would be something like the #3 pick and a good prospect like Marincin or Nurse.

  3. EastCoastHockeyFan

    05/04/2014 at 6:50 pm

    and again chris you are an idiot. but that being said, you are not totally wrong i did not say that no team could or would table a better offer. but no, they should not give up there only number 2 center, like him or not for a good prospect. when its a flip of the coin if you get who you want standing pat, as it stands they are getting either Ekblad Bennett Draisaitl or Reinhart. to trade up you are trading Bennett or Reinhart or Ekblad for Ekblad… you dont give away your only number 2 center and a A prospect for another A prospect. for anyone in the top 5 draft positions this year, moving up at any large cost is going to be a bad move. so yes would a philly or toronto make a better offer sure its possible, is it worth while for edmonton calgary buffalo or ny to do it? not at all unless its minimal charge. your not trading for a proven nhl player here, its not a Crosby MacKinnon Mcdavid draft, as good as the top 5 are, they are not the caliber some of the first over all picks have been or will be and you dont give up a top 6 roster player with out some one to step in just to move from one of the top 5 to another. your suggestion that Holland and Percy is the same value as Yakupov and Klefbom is a joke, and im a toronto fan. or the thought that toronto would move Rielly AND Kadri for the first over all pick, or Gardiner. yes, i would pick Kadri and Rielly over Yak and Klefbom, but hell id take Kane and Toews over Kadri and Rielly if we are just going to toss random names out there