NHL Rumors IV: Kypreos and MacLean on the Maple Leafs and Dion Phaneuf

Dion Phaneuf@Hope_Smoke transcriptions

  • Nick Kypreos: “A few denials today about Phaneuf & I wouldn’t expect anything less.” … “I’m certainly not saying anything is imminent regarding Dion, but my understanding is Leafs have had discussions with other teams” … “Are the Leafs really at a place where they’re sitting on couch waiting for calls or are they more proactive right now?”
  • Nick Kypreos: “My understanding, from talking to teams around the league, is that Phaneuf’s contract is movable”
  • Doug MacLean: “If you’re eating money that’s tearing your cap apart”
  • Doug MacLean: “So there’s questionable issues about leadership in SJ, is Dion the right fit?”
  • Nick Kypreos: “There are teams desperate for guys like Phaneuf. He’s been taking an uncalled for beating by the fans in Toronto” … “If you put Dion in the right circumstances and put him around the right guys I think he can thrive” … “I think it’s going to take time to make a deal like this for Phaneuf.”
  • Doug MacLean: “The position Shanahan is in, as a new hockey guy, Shanahan can’t afford to blow this deal”
  • Nick Kypreos: “I said Western Conf teams because that’s what I’ve heard. Not saying that’s the only place the Leafs will move Phaneuf”
  • Hope Smoke: Kypreos said that there is some friction between the Leafs and guys like Joffrey Lupul or Nazem Kadri, but not with Dion Phaneuf.