NHL Rumors II: Penguins and Flyers … Big Money Niskanen and Neal’s Trade Value

  • William DePaoli: Source saying the Penguins have interviewed Julien BriseBois, Jason Botterill, Tom Fitzgerald and Pierre McGuire for the GM vacancy.
  • Will DePaoli of Inside Pittsburgh Sports: Penguins Matt Niskanen may be looking for a six year deal in the $33 million range according to a source. There could even be talk that some teams think he’s a $6 million guy. The Flyers are looking for a top four defenseman and may look at Niskanen. Penguins defenseman Brooks Orpik was thought to have a serious knee injury suffered in round two against the Rangers, but is expected to be ready for training camp according to his agent. The 33-year old Orpik is a pending UFA and believes he has four or five years left in him. There is some talk around the league that he may only have three productive years left.
  • Will DePaoli of Inside Pittsburgh Sports: Looking at the trade value for Penguins James Neal. He has a cap hit of $5 million through 2017-18. His no-trade clause doesn’t kick in until July 1st, 2015. Multiple sources say that management may be having doubts on whether he can play a more disciplined game. The unnecessary penalties, immaturity and arrogance in his game has not gone away. He has trouble creating his own shot when not playing with Evgeni Malkin or Sidney Crosby. He can score 40 goals though, and they may be able to get more complete players for him in a trade. An Eastern Conference scout:

    “Is he a player you build around? I’d lean in the direction of no but I like him,” the senior advisor said. “Goal scorers are at a premium {right now}, he has a good contract and is at the right age.”

    DePaoli lists three trade proposal’s for Neal.

    1. James Neal and Simon Despres to Tampa Bay for Teddy PurcellBrett Connelly and a 1st round pick, 17th overall.

    2. James Neal to Edmonton for David Perron and Mitch Moroz.

    3. James Neal to Winnipeg for Evander Kane.

    Another option may to look to acquire a top four defenseman and not focusing on getting a potential top six forward. What about Blues Kevin Shattenkirk?

  • Tim Panaccio of CSN Philly: Finding a top defenseman may be the priority for the Flyers against this offseason again. Predators GM David Poile said in April that they won’t be trading Shea WeberTyler Myers’ name was tossed around a few times, but passed on the idea as early as the trade deadline. GM Ron Hextall needs to acquire at least one defenseman through trade or free agency. Do they re-sign Kimmo Timonen given that he’s close to retiring and with a high cap hit? Panaccio thinks that Matt Niskanen would be an attractive option for the Flyers, giving him the $6 million they would have given Timonen.


  1. Alexander

    05/28/2014 at 10:15 am

    What about a trade between Penguins and Predators? I think Nashville got a few players that need a fresh start. Maybe Colin Wilson, Austin Watson and third round pick for James Neal and Philip Samuelsson.

    Pittsburgh get a stronger top nine and more solid forwards that they can move up and down the lineup, while Nashville get more scoring power to their already solid defense.

  2. Chris

    05/28/2014 at 12:09 pm


    Colin Wilson is 24 (25 in October) and has never scored more than 35 points in a season. Watson was a half a point per game in the AHL last year and a 3rd round pick has a low change of making the NHL. Neal has been close to a point per game in the NHL for three years and is 26 (27 in September).

    To get a point per game player just entering his prime you’re looking at Ryan Ellis, a prospect like Watson and a veteran forward like Stalberg.

    I don’t think Pittsburgh gets what they need out of your proposal as none of those project to be a top six forward or a top 4 defenseman which is what they’ll need to replace Neal if he’s traded or Niskanen when he leaves as a UFA. In the above proposal the Pens get a top 4 to replace Niskanen, a prospect (which they’re growing thin on) and a top 6 forward to replace Neal (though not as high end as Neal)

  3. DJ Dukes

    05/28/2014 at 1:02 pm

    I like the Neal for Kane idea personally. Pittsburgh would get a young scoring power forward that could easily play on the left wing of Crosby or Malkin. In that instance if they decide to play Kane on Crosby’s left then Kunitz would be able to play on Malkin’s (proven success). Winnipeg will get a proven 40 goal scorer in the regular season that can contribute largely on the power play.

  4. Chris

    05/28/2014 at 2:16 pm

    Yeah that one makes a lot of sense. Both teams get a complimentary player that might need a change of scenery.

  5. Antonio

    05/28/2014 at 3:11 pm

    I disagree with the Kane for Neal trade. It’s been known around the NHL he struggles to produce without Crosby or Malkin. I can’t imagine Winnipeg doing a deal like that player for player.

  6. Doug

    05/28/2014 at 3:51 pm

    This trade of Kane for Neal is laughable. Nobody wants that scumbag Neal on their team. Also why would you trade a 22 year old with better skill for an older player in Neal who has proven he doesn’t play well 5 on 5 and can’t create on his own. They have same years left on their deals and Neal makes 250,000 more per year. Winnepeg is a small market team and wants draft picks back and young NHL ready players for Kane. The late pick the Pens have isn’t enticing. Of course, Crazy Pens fans want this deal. Won’t happen. Makes no sense for Winnepeg to have a player that can’t create on his own versus a player that puts up very good numbers at 22yrs old and plays against every teams top defenseman every night. Don’t be a fan when you think about business decisions. Something Penguin fans can’t wrap their heads around. They have been able to trick good veteran players into coming there to play with CRYSBY and SLOTH for years and now the contracts they signed are coming back to hurt them really bad. They have 14 roster players to sign with only 16 mil available unless they make trades. GOOD LUCK. I still think Shero did this on purpose and is still a closet Flyers Fan to honor his late father.

  7. Jared Cornelia

    05/28/2014 at 4:01 pm

    DaPaoli is WRONG in one respect. the 17th pick overall – 1st round – belongs to the PHILADELPHIA FLYERS.

    It does NOT belong to Tampa Bay.

    The Tampa Bay 1st round pick is #19.

  8. hankbemis

    05/28/2014 at 7:47 pm

    completely agree with antonio and doug, winnipeg would be foolish to deal kane for neal. they should deal him and byfuglien on over to the wings for nyquist, franzen, howard and kindl. that sounds good to me.

    also nice one doug, fuck em up for years!

  9. Plztrademarchand

    05/28/2014 at 11:13 pm

    To Van: Marchand, Erikkson, Kelly, Bartkowski, 2rp 2014
    Return: Kesler, Edler

    Sign UFA: Gaborik

    Key Resigns: Iginla, Smith, Krug

    Potential lineups:

    Iginla, Krecji, Lucic
    Kesler,Bergeron, Gaborik
    Caron, Soderberg, Smith
    Florek, Khokhlachev, Griffith

    Chara, Seidenberg
    Boychuk, Hamilton
    Edler, Krug

    Rask, Svedberg

    Healthy Scratches: Miller, Fraser, Paille

  10. RPOP

    05/29/2014 at 11:49 am

    Agree with the viewpoints of some others. No way the Jets go straight up Neal for Kane. The Pens would have to throw some additional value in there (in other words not Scuderi)

  11. DJ

    05/29/2014 at 4:34 pm

    Whether or not the Neal – Kane trade happens and I’ll admit its a longshot but keep in mind wants seemingly wants out of Winnipeg and Pittsburgh my very well look to trade Neal, if the Penguins offer along with Neal one of our defensive prospects say for example…Despres, Dumoulin or Harrington…One would believe that Winnipeg would jump on that trade possibility. Again, definitely a longshot scenario.

  12. Doug

    05/30/2014 at 10:43 am

    Once again, your posts about the Kane and Neal trade are missing the biggest point. Kane and Neal have same years left and almost exact same salary. Winnepeg only does this deal for draft picks and cheaper NHL ready players. NOT FOR NEAL. Winnepeg will deal Kane for the right stuff. That is now way Neal and others from Pitt. They will only go over the salary they already give Kane if it is 2 players for the same amount and a pic or prospect. It make more sense for a sign and trade deal with Brayden Schenn and Luke Schenn then the Neal deal. If you post stuff, remember this is a business not what you want bc your team foolishly signed bad deals and now your handcuffed.

  13. Mark Easson

    05/30/2014 at 10:54 am

    Just listing what is remaining on their contracts ….

    Kane – 4 years left at $5.25 million cap hit, but $24 million owing.

    Neal – 4 years left at $5 million cap hit with $20 million owing.