NHL Rumors: Berger Reports A Maple Leafs – Panthers Blockbuster Rumor

4:45 PM

  • Hope Smoke: Craig Button: “I think when you consider some of the areas that the Panthers have in place & the history of Tallon, specifically with Kane…””…you look at exceptional talent players like Ehlers/Nylander those of skill players…””… I can see a team, like Fla, pushing back to take them” … “Some teams view guys like Ehlers/Nylander as high as other teams value the guys supposed to go in the top 3

4:15 PM

  • Howard Berger of Berger Bytes: It is well known that Panthers GM Dale Tallon is listening to offers for the 1st overall pick in this year’s draft. Two people who are employed by NHL team have mentioned this potential deal.

    Toronto would send Dion Phaneuf, Nazem Kadri and the 8th overall pick to Florida for Ed Jovanovski and 1st overall pick. The Maple Leafs would use the 1st overall pick to select Aaron Ekblad.

  • Contract Breakdown: (from CapGeek)

    Dion Phaneuf (29 years old): 7 years at $49 million kicks this year. A $7 million salary cap hit that runs through 2020-21.

    Nazem Kadri (23 years old): 1 year left at $3.1 million, with a $2.9 million salary cap hit. He’ll be a RFA after next season.

    Ed Jovanovski (37 years old): 1 year left at $4 million, with a $4.125 million salary cap hit.

What do you think of this rumored deal?

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Dion Phaneuf

Nazem Kadri

Ed Jovanovski

Aaron Ekblad


  1. Miller158

    June 4, 2014 at 12:17 pm

    The leafs should keep there 1st and look at trading Dion to the Islanders for their pick (5th overall). If they want a defensemen like Ekblad why not just take Haydn Fluery (who is similar to Ekblad and who I personally think is the better D-man) with there own pick at 8. And then with the 5th pick take Draisaitl, Da Colle, Nylander or if lucky maybe even Bennett if he falls from the top 3. Imagine a future 4 of Reilly, Gardiner, Fluery and Finn. Looks just as good as a future 4 of Rielly, Gardiner, Ekblad and Finn doesn’t it? Plus they would have the player they pick at 5th.