Morning Hits: Competition Committee Notes

  • Darren Dreger: The competition committee met yesterday in New York to talk about a dry scrape for OT, switch ends for OT, goalie interference, expanding video review, changes to face-offs and a few other things. A lot of the discussion topics came from the last GM meetings.
  • Ken Campbell: The trapezoid will be 22 feet, up from 18 feet, for next season. This will give the goalies a bit more space to play the puck.
  • Ken Campbell: Getting the impression there will be no video review for goaltender interference.
  • Ken Campbell: Colin Campbell on video review: “How are we going to get it right without causing more problems?”
  • Stephen Whyno: There would be a lack of certainty with reviewing goalie interference. The NHL and the players don’t want video to be subjective.
  • Corey Pronman: “I’m sympathetic to the issue of “judgment calls”, but the refs make a judgment call on the ice. Just have the refs be the one to review it. I get you don’t want conflicting judgments. I’m not even sure how the logistics would work, but that’s the likely future middle ground.”
  • Chris Johnston: The NHL has asked the PA again about eliminating the spin-o-rama in the shootout.
  • Renaud Lavoie: The GM will talk about the coaches challenge on Wednesday.