NHL Rumors V: Spezza, Richards, Lecavalier, Boyle, O’Reilly and Grabovski

  • TSN Insider Trading: LeBrun: Senators GM Bryan Murray expects Jason Spezza trade talk will heat up at the draft.Dreger: the Kings don’t plan on buying Mike Richards out as they would have to replace him. Richards doesn’t want to be a fourth line center next year.

    Dreger: Flyers GM Ron Hextall probably doesn’t want to pay Vincent Lecavalier $4.5 million to be a fourth line player. He is available, and Lecavalier’s agent has spoken with Hextall about a trade out of Philly. There are no teams or list yet.

    LeBrun: Shea Weber isn’t going anywhere.

    Dreger: The Leafs are high on Dan Boyle’s list. The Islanders have sent Boyle an offer, but there have been no negotiations. Boyle wants two years. He may want too much money for the Leafs, but they are interested.

  • Adrian Dater of the Denver Post: Dater doesn’t think there has been much going on regarding a contract extension talks between Ryan O’Reilly and the Colorado Avalanche.
  • Alex Prewitt of the Washington Post: The Capitals will have to decide soon on whether they want to sign pending UFA Mikhail Grabovski a contract extension or not.

    “I believe [management has] interest in Grabo,” Gary Greenstin said by telephone from his office in southern California. “We have interest to stay in Washington. We’ll see what’s happening.”

    “If we’ve done the deal [by July 1], great,” he said. “If not, not to worry. It has to be right, for Grabo’s camp, for the team. We’re not worried at all.”

    Greenstin wouldn’t comment on what Grabovski could be look for in a new deal. It was rumored earlier they he was looking for a four or five year deal at $5 million a season. Grabovski’s good friend and former Maple Leafs teammate, Nikolai Kulemin is also a pending UFA.

    “Everything is possible, but we’re not talking about package deal,” Greenstin said. “Everything is possible. I cannot discuss, but right now who knows what’s happening on July 1. I’m positive both will be playing in NHL. They have absolute great chemistry together. But we’ll see what’s happening.”


  1. Colin N.

    June 12, 2014 at 12:42 pm

    So Boyle may not want to play for the Islanders because they arent contenders but the Leafs are? What am I missing here? Also, wonder if the Avs would bite on a 5th overall for O’Reilly trade. He could probably play on JT’s wing

  2. Patrick

    June 12, 2014 at 1:14 pm

    OK, look at what ridiculous demands are out there for Kesler. O’Reilly is better than Kesler in every possible way. So no, I don’t think that a 5th in a weak draft class would do it.

  3. Ryan

    June 12, 2014 at 7:46 pm

    No offense to Vinny, because I have always liked him as a player, and he some how still managed 20 goals this season despite what felt like a very dull and unproductive presence that we got from him…. but I would trade his 4.5 mil contract for anything just to dump the salary.

    Would make room to resign Schenn and probably still have about 7.5 mil to spend (without Prongers ~5mil in LTIR), bring up Laughton ~1 mil Which Leaves you with 6.5 mil and these players…




    So considering prongers 5 mil and the 6.5 in space you have about 11.5 mil to spend on those 4 spots..

    Signing a 4th liner and a backup goalie… although they are important decisions, shouldn’t cost you more than 2.5 mil collectively. (Hall again for a year at ~ 1 mil and Al Montoya at ~1 mil?)

    The tough things for people to understand is the following conundrum that presents itself to utilize the remaining 9 mil.

    Now the need is clearly at defense… 7th ranked powerplay and 8th in scoring should only get better or at least maintain with these young players (giroux, simmonds, coots, schenn, raffl, voracek). However, other than by way of trade, getting a legit defender on the open market for even a half descent deal is not going to happen. Personally, if matt niskanen is the BEST defender on the market and you watch hockey, you know its a weak market. Sure he’s a young solid D man, but probably worth about 4.5 mil, and will likely bring in 6+.

    I just dont’ want to commit to one of the top 4 or 5 guys on the market for 5 years at 5+ mil because thats what we need now and we basically handcuff our team for the future with an old streit, a second pairing dman in Macdonal and some new mediocre defender all signed as our top 3 paid defenders over the next 4 years… pointless. I would prefer to bring back Mez for a year or two at 2-3 mil/year or sign a guy like Matt Greene at a similar price for a year or two and let guys like Morin, Ghost and Hagg get a little more experience. And when that happens you STILL HAVE CAP ROOM TO SPEND because you didn’t make a stupid and irrational move thinking that your ONLY one step away from making your defense good. Anything short of Shea Weber, Petriengelo, Karlsson, Suban, Keith, Doughty…. we need to wait for a better opportunity to add a good defender to the couple guys we want to keep here and the young kids coming up. Don’t oversaturate the team and cap with overpaid mediocre players for long terms. By the way… I would puke if the flyers traded for Bufygulien, incredibly stupid if the flyers even consider it.

    That being said… not that its a stellar UFA forward class either, but there are defintiely some good options, and more of them which could help prevent needing to overpay too badly. Not to mention the possible buyouts of players like Booth, Mike Richards and guys like Thorton, Marleau, Neal, Spezza, etc. all rumored to be in play… its a real help to a team looking for a free agent forward in regards to demand around the league.

    I wouldn’t touch Vanek, mostly because you would have to overpay and I feel his inconsistency and isn’t worth the high dollars and probably term with a guy like him… but there are some players out there worth giving 5 mil for 4 years that could help out on the top 6.

    (personally i think the winger giroux needs to be successful on the top line is already on the team…Simmonds… don’t screw that one up Berube, even though its basically the ONLY line combo you didn’t try all season up there.??? Can’t believe it, its just so obvious it kills me)

    Granted… theres alot of trade possibilities we haven’t even talked about, but assuming it all falls through and you just realize that Brayden Schenn is still developing and really could be a good investment for the future of this team still at only 22 years old, this would be great to see Vinny Lecavalier traded for just about anything that creates cap space for this team.

  4. You Might Be Stupid

    June 13, 2014 at 12:37 am

    To the islander’s fan at #1:
    You are delusional if you don’t see the vast talent gap between the Islanders and the Leafs. You guys were shit before you traded Matt Moulson, now you are only one step above Buffalo levels of ineptitude.

    To the ave’s fan at #2:
    O’Reilly is practically Kesler but on the wing. Only a colorado sports fan could ride a player’s dick so hard that they start syaing shit like Ryan motherfucking O’Rielly is worth more than Ryan Kesler or a fifth overall draft pick.

    To the Philly fan at #3:
    Aww, it thinks it has a hockey team.