NHL Rumors IV: Potential Oilers Targets, McGinn, Larsson, Boyle and Sabres

  • Mark Spector of SportsNet: The Oilers core players are likely remaining with the team.

    “Because I know how difficult it is to acquire those pieces,” says MacTavish, who has had this discussion with his own people, with other GMs, and today, with Sportsnet. “You’ve got to build your team around somebody. I know you need advancement, but for me… I know the character of the people. They’re budding stars, and they’re doing that on a team that’s had very little team strength.

    “As our team grows and gets better, the performance level of the group you’re talking about is going to be off the charts. I want to buy them some time to get the development they need, by (acquiring) guys I can surround them with.”

    Sam Gagner is likely available. GM Craig MacTavish is working the phones.

    “We’ll add bodies through the UFA market, which is always a little dangerous, the draft, and potential trades,” MacTavish says. “We’re in the process now of making those phone calls. We’re a team that can take some salary, so we’re in that market too.”

    They’ll be looking for a puck-moving defenseman and a five-six shut-down type player. The Oilers have liked Flyers Braydon Coburn and could go after him again this offseason. They could look at Ron Hainsey and Matt Niskanen. Other Free agent options could be Andrej Meszaros and Matt Green. They could also use some help down the middle, and some size on their second or third lines. Possibilities could be Daniel Winnik or Michal Handzus. MacTavish said they will be active on the free agent market.

  • Adrian Dater of the Denver Post: It is unclear what the Avalanche’s plans are for pending RFA Jamie McGinn. He is one year away from being a UFA. Dater thinks the Avalanche will want to bring him back.
  • Tom Gulitti of the Bergon Record: Adam Larsson’s agent said that Larsson’s only intention is to play with the Devils next season. There was speculation that he might return to Sweden next year. They have started contract talks with Lamoriello.

    “We’re talking to Lou and just trying to figure out what his role would be for next year and what’s best for him developmentally,” Barry said. “I don’t know where that (the talk of him going to Sweden) came from.”

  • Tony Gallagher of the Vancouver Province: Gallagher thinks the Canucks should consider signing pending UFA Brian Boyle, even if they have to overpay him. Boyle is coming off a three-year deal with a $1.7 million cap hit, and will no doubt be looking for a raise.
  • Hope Smoke: Bob McKenzie: “The Sabres are willing to buy first round picks by taking on big salary and then giving that player a compliance buyout” … “Tim Murray has let that be known to other teams”


  1. Alex

    June 13, 2014 at 11:22 am

    If he is buying first round picks by taking on some contracts a team like the flyers could be a possibility. Although Hextall stated he’d like to hang on to his picks the flyers cap situation seems to be a far greater issue than the 17th pick in a weaker draft.

  2. ross

    June 13, 2014 at 11:39 am

    the Flyers are not in as bad cap trouble as most think. Pronger’s 5 mil wont count and Kimo’s 7 mil just came off, if Kimo decides to come back it will be much much less. I think someone will take Vinny for a 2nd or 3rd rounder, thats a great trade for the team getting Vinny, I am guessing Nashville or Florida. I do think Cobourn will get tradede to the Oilers and if the Flyers could throw in Hartnell they would.

  3. Alex

    June 13, 2014 at 11:45 am

    theres no way vinny goes for anything more than a 5th with his bad contract. Moving Coburn also has no positives there is no one on the team that can play the minutes he does. Yeah he turns the puck over and doesn’t play to his size but hes far more consistent than anyone else on the roster at this point. Also, pronger’s money does come off but they have to be cap compliant before it does.

  4. ross

    June 13, 2014 at 12:02 pm

    Vinny’s contract is 4.5 mil a year and the Flyers would probably pick up 1-2 mil of that so for a guy who scored 20 goals i think thats a pretty good deal. Completely disagree with you on Cobourn and would much rather see some of the young guys get in. With Streit, MacDonald, Schenn, Grossman ( love to see him traded to!!) Kimmo maybe? that leaves Haag, Goat, Bourbon and maybe Morin but i think he needs 2 more years in minors to bvattle it out for last roster spot. another words, bye bye Cobourn. The cap problems are always blown way out of proportion in the media.

  5. Alex

    June 13, 2014 at 12:22 pm

    20 goals so what. He was also one of the worst possession players and made his linemates worse. You’re relying on people who have 0 nhl experience to replace someone who averages 22 1/2 mins of ice time and the anchor of one of the top PKs in the league? The flyers are a worse team without Coburn period. If anything Macdonald needed to go hes freaking terrible but that ship has clearly sailed thanks to holmgren. Schenn was awful this year too. Grossman and Streit finally started to turn it around after the olympic break but they was pretty bad most of the year too. Coburn is literally the only defenseman that lives up to his contract amount.

  6. Ross

    June 13, 2014 at 12:28 pm

    Are you related to coburn because you obviously watch him with rose colored glasses!! Are defence is not good!! so why not let the kids gets some ice time and improve and at least see what they can do because honestly the flyers will not win the cup playing coburn 22 minutes a game, that can not be argued

  7. Alex

    June 13, 2014 at 12:55 pm

    I don’t disagree they aren’t going to win the cup with Coburn playing franchise defenseman minutes but the fact doesn’t change he is the flyers best signed defenseman. Hes not a top pairing guy but he’d be a damn good 2nd pairing guy as he was when Pronger was healthy. No one is capable of filling his void and doing everything he does. They also aren’t going to win the cup with a bunch of rookies who aren’t ready for the nhl. Rushing kids typically has more negatives than positives on their development. With that said I find it likely that one of them will likely see some playing time next season unless multiple people are moved to create cap space for some signings. It will probably be Hagg from what I read hes the seems to be the most NHL ready given the quality of competition he plays. If you would move anyone imo it should be luke schenn or Grossman they have little upside as they both are poor skaters and are basically inept offensively. Their cap hit is only 900k-1mil less and if you moved them you could sign a solid defenseman for a minimal raise or same cap hit. You got guys out there like Anton Stralman or Nikita Nikitin who could be affordable replacements with very minimal salary increases or similar cap hits and are better players. My point is there is no point to move your best defenseman with a very reasonable cap hit when there are worse defenseman with similar cap hits that could be moved.

  8. Chris

    June 13, 2014 at 4:19 pm

    Mac T better be willing to open his wallet.

    Nobody’s going to trade anything of real value for anyone on Edmonton’s roster besides those core guys for reasons Mac T expressed above.

    Want to trade Gagner? Expect a bad contract coming the other way. Nobody’s giving up a puck mover or big top six forward for him.

    Want to trade Klefbom or Marincin? Expect a depth prospect or depth player coming back rather than a puck mover or big top six forward.

    They could get a guy like Niskanen if they pay through the nose but the problem is that big time UFAs want to go to a contender or a sunny, pressure free environment. Why would Niskanen go to Edmonton if a team like Detroit is offering a contract?

    If they want a Kris Letang or an Eric Staal or an Evander Kane it’s going to take a core guy. Otherwise expect a Matt Greene/Handzus type guy.

  9. ChrisB

    June 13, 2014 at 9:52 pm

    After reading what MacT said, I honestly don’t think there’s a deal to be made involving Coburn and the Oilers.

    Philly is chalk full of middle pairing guys. Coburn is the closest thing they have to a top pairing guy. I can absolutely see Coburn being on the table, but I can’t see Hextall trading Coburn without a legit top pairing guy coming back at some point, whether its for Coburn(more likely in a package) or in a whole separate deal involving other players.

    I do agree with Alex. If its just to clear up cap space, there are more viable options among the D.