Morning Hits: Compliance Buyouts, Timonen, Neely and HNIC Closing Montage

  • John Shannon: Teams can start using their compliance buyouts just after midnight on Monday, June 16th.
  • Craig Custance: The Flyers re-signed Kimmo Timonen to a one year deal with a base salary of $2 million plus bonuses that could bring the total up to $4 million. Timonen took less to remain with the Flyers. He would have made more on the open market.
  • Steve Simmons: Expect Elliotte Friedman, Glen Healy and PJ Stock to be moving to Rogers for next season. Scott Oake may be staying with CBC, but will be reporting on Saturday nights. They are still trying to figure out where Kelly Hrudy fits.
  • Matt Larkin: Cam Neely confirmed that he’s filmed a scene for Dumb & Dumber sequel.
  • CBC Hockey Night in Canada closing montage.