Compensation For Signing A 2013-14 Restricted Free Agent

Will a team try to sign a restricted free agent to an offer sheet this offseason?

Below is a list of draft pick compensation if a team decides not to match an offer sheet.

Cap Hit of offer sheet Draft Pick Compensation
$1,110,249 or below None
Over $1,110,249 to $1,682,194 Third-round pick
Over $1,682,194 to $3,364,391 Second-round pick
Over $3,364,391 to $5,046,585 First-round and third-round pick
Over $5,046,585 to $6,728,781 First-round, second-round and third-round pick
Over $6,728,781 to $8,410,976 Two first-round picks, second-round pick, third-round pick
Over $8,410,976 Four first-round picks

Source: ESPN