NHL Rumors II: O’Reilly, Frolik and Salary Arbitration

  • Bob McKenzie: “Lots of talk within NHL circles that COL has or will file “club-elected salary arbitration” on Ryan O’Reilly. If so, it will make waves.  O’Reilly is set to become a restricted free agent. If COL wants to retain his rights, they must give him qualifying offer of $6.5M. Or they could negotiate a long-term deal. Or take him to club-elected arbitration. Latter is not unprecedented but it is highly unusual. If COL did or does file for club-elected arbritation, O’Reilly could choose a one- or two-year award. Arb hearing in late July. If arbitrator awarded O’Reilly less than the $6.5M he made this past season, the question is: how do you think O’Reilly would react to it? Bottom line: club-elected arb on O’Reilly would appear to add a whole new dynamic to relationship between player and COL. #itscomplicated. In any case, it will be interesting to see how COL and Ryan O’Reilly handle rather complicated/sensitive contractual situation. Stay tuned. Many NHL clubs watching this intently as Ryan O’Reilly is popular trade target, especially if teams think he may not be long-term in COL. COL has, in fact, elected club salary arbitration on Ryan O’Reilly. Had to be filed by 5 pm ET today. And it was. BTW, a team could still file an offer sheet on Ryan O’Reilly between July 1 and July 5. In old CBA, that wasn’t possible but it was changed.
  • Bob McKenzie: The Jets filed for salary arbitration for Michael Frolik.
  • Cap Geek: Ryan O’Reilly can opt for a one or two year arbitration award. Michael Frolik can opt for a one year arbitration award. Arbitration ruling can’t be for less than 85 percent of their previous salary. O’Reilly’s ruling could not be less than $5.525 million and $1.615 million for Frolik.
  • Cap Geek: Teams can talk to O’Reilly and Frolik about offer sheets starting on June 26th. They are able to sign offer sheets between noon on July 1st and 5:00 pm on July 5th.

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  1. Antonio

    June 16, 2014 at 3:17 pm

    I love Frolik on the Jets and think hes a fantastic third line player. That being said he’s no top line player either. They need him as a depth player that can produce not a top line player with 40 points.