NHL Rumors I: Brodeur, Oilers and the Slow Period

  • Tom Gullitti of the Bergon Record: Martin Broduer had some discussions with several teams at start of free agency which didn’t work out. He is willing to wait until after the start of the season, if necessary.

    “On or around July 1, we explored a few possibilities for Marty that made somewhat sense. That didn’t come to fruition,” Brodeur’s agent Pat Brisson said via email. “Marty has a lot to offer, but it will be the right fit and this may come later this summer or even early in the season. He is in no rush until the right fit appears.

    “In the meantime he is getting ready the same way he has the past 20 seasons.”

    The Maple Leafs, Lightning and Penguins are among the teams that had some interest before.

  • Jonathan Willis of the Edmonton Journal: Willis looks at if the Oilers should trade their 1st round pick in 2015. Trading the pick could land them immediate help and hope that they will be able to have a good year. On the other side,

    First, while trading that first round pick will make management’s objectives plain, it doesn’t necessarily increase the amount of skin the team’s skaters have in the game.
    Second, if something unforeseen happens – like, say, the goaltending collapsing – the Oilers could find themselves next summer barely improved and having ceded McDavid to a rival team.

  • Joe Haggerty: Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli on if trade talks are in a slow phase: “I’m going away fishing next week, so things will be pretty slow then”

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  1. ROMAN

    July 14, 2014 at 8:39 pm

    Edmonton should trade their first round pick to the Rangers for Can Talbot.