Morning Hits: Rohloff Lawsuit, Mason, Flyers HoF and S. Thornton

  • Adam Proteau of The Hockey News: Former Bruins defenseman Jon Rohloff has filed a concussion lawsuit against the league. He filed on Tuesday in Minnesota that he suffered “multiple head traumas during his NHL career that were improperly diagnosed and treated by the NHL” and that he was never told about the negative effects of such head tramas.

    “Former NHL players are uniting to send one resounding message: they signed up to play hockey knowing that they might get injured and dinged, but they did not sign up for brain damage.”

  • Philadelphia Flyers: Flyers goalie Steve Mason broke his pinky finger on his right hand last Sunday. He will miss two-weeks of on-ice training.
  • Tim Panaccio: The Flyers will be inducting John LeClair and Eric Lindros into their hall of fame on November 20th, and Eric Desjardins on February 19th.
  • Joe Haggerty of CSNNE: Former Bruin Shawn Thornton on signing with the Panthers.

    “Florida was my first choice. I like where the team is going. I obviously know Dale from Chicago. I love the area. I’ve already been down a couple of times checking it out with the wife. We’re really, really excited to be a part of it.”

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  1. Nolan

    08/01/2014 at 11:31 am

    This guy played 150 games in the mid 90’s, and averaged less than a pim per game. What a joke and money grab. A grown adult doesn’t notice his head hurts? Go to the doctor. Concussion research wasn’t there for anybody in those years, it is not on the team. That is like someone with cancer right now suing in 20 years when they find a cure for not having a cure 20 years before.